About Us


Internship Network Asia was founded in 2008 and was acquired by Hutong School in June 2012. Internship Network Asia now has the biggest network of partner companies in Beijing and Shanghai. Together with Hutong School's far-reaching expertise in internship placement in China, we are now the leading provider of high quality internships in China. We are trusted by over 30 partner universities in the USA and Europe and have placed over 800 interns in China-based companies.

Our Team

Internship Network Asia is led by an exceptionally talented, well-qualified and enthusiastic team of professionals from all around the globe. Our team hails from countries all over Europe, the Americas and Asia, with each member having multiple years of experience in China and beyond.

Jeremie Rossignol

Jeremie Rossignol

Position: Chairman
Languages: French, English, Chinese

I arrived in China in 2002 for an internship. These few months in Beijing changed my life. After graduating in Law and Politics in 2004 I returned to China and co-founded Hutong School. Since then, I am devoted to developing an organization driven by human values and offering young people from all over the world an experience that will impact their life durably.

Jan Wostyn

Jan Wostyn

Position: International Relations Director
Languages: Dutch, English, French, Chinese, Spanish, Norwegian and German

I´m from Belgium. I spent 6 years of my life in China studying Chinese, traveling around, meeting new people from all over the world, doing an internship in Beijing, and finally setting up the Hutong School in 2005, which later acquired Internship Network Asia. I find it extremely rewarding to see young people from all over the world, who are curious about China but often know nothing more than stereotypes and clichés, discover actual life in China thanks to our programs. In addition, it´s great to see how a stay of a few months gives a great boost to the personal development and self-confidence of our participants and prepares them much better for life in the 21st century, the Chinese century in a truly globalized world.

Nathan De Hert

Ida Speyer

Position: Marketing Director
Languages: Danish, English

Ni hao, my name is Ida and I am from Denmark. I have lived all over the world but in 2015 China drew me back with its incredible cuisine, culture, people and diversity. I believe everyone should come and see China for themself as it really is impossible to explain it all in words. 

Amelie Papin

Massimo Spagnuolo

Position: General Manager Shanghai
Languages: French, English, Italian

Ni hao there! My name is Massimo and I'm a citizen of the world born and raised in a small french-speaking town in Belgium. I studied Translation & Interpretation which gave me this irresistible taste for languages, travels and adventures!I transited through Italy & Brazil before ending up here in Shanghai which is the best decision I have ever made. Shanghai is an incredible city, days are never the same and you never know what to expect. I love new experiences and getting out of my comfort zone, no wonder why I'm in China. I'm also a huge Basketball fan, my master thesis was even about a NBA player! I would recommend the "China experience" to anyone. You won't regret it, just do it!

Anne Hak

Position: Program Director
Languages: Dutch, English, German, Chinese

I am from the Netherlands and am an internship consultant at Internship Network Asia. Every day, I talk with students from all over the world who are seeking a great China experience. Together we try to find the right internship placement. It is nice to help students achieve their goals in this dynamic country. China challenges you every day in a positive way!

Bridget Madell

Position: General Manager Beijing
Languages: English, Chinese

Hi! I'm an American from California. I'm half-Japanese and have lived on Guam, Saipan and in the UK. I've traveled to China several times, but finally made the big move in May of 2009. I love traveling and experiencing new adventures and am having a great time here in Beijing! I enjoy playing all types of sports, especially rugby. I've even started a women's rugby team here in Beijing!

Xiao Li

Position: Education Manager Shanghai
Languages: English, Chinese, Japanese

Nihao! I am Xiǎo lì (小丽),I am from Anhui province. I have been a Chinese teacher in Shanghai for 6 .5 years since I graduated from Anhui Nomal University. I majored in teaching Chinese as a second language and have learned the history of the Chinese language, both ancient and modern Chinese. In 6.5 years, I have helped more than 200 students learning Chinese. I really enjoyed the time with my students. In my spare time, I like traveling, cooking and reading . 


Chang Haina

Position: Branch Manager Beijing
Languages: English, Chinese


Hi, my name is Haina. I’m a Beijinger and I have deep emotional ties with this old city.  Beijing was the capital for two dynasties with every ancient structure having its special story. That’s also one of the reasons I absorb myself in Chinese history and culture.  After graduation, I became a member of Hutong School team and it has been two years since then. As an education coordinator, I will do my best to help you with studying Chinese and if you’d like, I’d be happy to share stories of Beijing as well.  Hope to meet you in China and I believe you will fall in love with this country as my colleagues and students do!


Xu Lei

Position: Education Coordinator Shanghai
Languages: English, Chinese


Hello everyboby! I'm Xu Lei. I used to be a part-time teacher at Hutong School whilst studying for my master degree. After graduating I went to America to teach Chinese. When I returned to Shanghai, I found myself missing my Hutong School family so much I just had to come back. Now I am the education coordinator and in charge of the class arrangement in Shanghai . I really enjoy my job and love all the professional teachers, the lovely students and all my colleagues. I am sure you will love this place as much as I do. 


Wang Jing

Position: Education Coordinator Beijing
Languages: English, Chinese

Hi all! My name is Wang Jing, you can call me Sarah since it will be easier to be remember. As a native of Beijing, I’m outspoken and never hide my true feelings about this awesome city! Even though sometimes it is smoggy (sigh). When you walk around in Beijing, it is easy to find many ancient buildings standing beside modern buildings. Or when you walk into a Siheyuan which is a typical residence of Beijing, you will be surprised by the many foreigners who can speak fluent Chinese! One of my dreams is to let more and more foreigners know about China and speak Chinese, became a member of Hutong School help me to get closer to this dream. If you are interested in living in China or learning Chinese, I’m glad to help you with this. Hope to see you in China soon; you will fall in love with this country.

Astrid Soetanto

Position: Program Consultant
Languages: Dutch, English, French, Indonesian

Ni hao! I'm Astrid and I was born and raised in Belgium. I studied Intercultural Relations Management and International Business and was always fascinated by Asia. I started my China adventure with Hutong School by doing an internship in Beijing. I had the best time of my life! China is such an exciting country that learns you how to grow on a professional level but also on a personal level. I also did an internship in Shanghai which really boosted my career and opened many doors. I love meeting new people from all over the world and helping them. As a Program Consultant, I hope to share this wonderful experience with individuals from all over the world who are curious about what China can offer them. I'm happy to guide our students through their China adventure and help them overcome any doubts or challenges. Living in China is awesome! Lots of places to travel to, good food, very safe in the streets, easy to meet new people and if you live like a local it's quite cheap ;)


About Hutong School


Since the first branch opened in Beijing in 2005, Hutong School has established two additional branches, in both Beijing and Shanghai, and specializes in top-quality custom-made Chinese language courses, internship programs and volunteer in China programs.

Hutong School was the first Chinese language school under foreign management to obtain an official license from the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is also accredited by the WYSE Trade Confederation and supported by various Chambers of Commerce in China, such as the Benelux Chamber of Commerce and the Junior Chamber International in Beijing and the Italian and American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai.

Since 2012, Hutong School is an official HSK test center which means that you have the opportunity to do the HSK language proficiency test very convenient with Hutong School.