Choosing the right internship program for you

Choosing the right internship program for you

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choosing the right internship

What  should you take into account when selecting an internship?


Whether you do your internship before graduating or after, finding the right match is never easy and can be time-consuming. Firstly, here are a few tips when conducting your initial internship research:


  • Attend as many local networking events as you can, research on the internet or platforms such as LinkedIn
  • Do not base your choice on money rewards, an unpaid internship can sometimes yield more skills 
  • Select an internship that will help you improve the skills you need or are looking to gain
  • Don’t wait for the internship to come to you - be proactive and show motivation and dedication



Finding the right internship is about gaining experiences and opportunities for professional growth as well as applying knowledge and skills and interacting with professionals in their field. Many students get really excited about working in well-known multinationals, but sometimes some young professionals are able to gain much more experience in a dynamic startup.




Types of internship programs


The types of internships offered differ depending on the time of year and your current status. As a high school student you can decide to do a summer internship whereas an internship for a college student could be during a semester or for a full year. Paid internships are not always a guarantee and depend on the internship type, the country in which you are doing your internship and of course, your employer. 


Internship programs also vary according to the industry you want to work in and the location. Some agencies and organisations such as Hutong School offer packages including an internship in China as well as accommodation and cultural activities, which make it easier for students looking to gain experience in Asia. 


Internships are great because there is always a time for it, depending on if you are a student looking for a first experience or if you are looking for a permanent position in the company afterwards. Internships are also an opportunity to do something different. 

For example, some would rather be involved in volunteering projects, working together with NGOs and contributing to a good cause for 3 months. Others may decide to work in a startup company and contribute towards a brilliant idea.





Personal goals for your internship 


What do you aim to accomplish during your internship? There are plenty of things that can be done throughout your experience. On one hand, if you decide to go abroad for your internship, you will be able to learn new languages, travel and meet people from different cultures. 


For example, going to Vietnam for a volunteering project would allow you to contribute to a good cause by encountering a wonderful culture, learning a new language and working together with the local community.

On the other hand, you might just want to focus on an internship that could boost your career, where you will be able to learn new skills for future employment and build a network which will be beneficial in the future.  


Internship goals should not only depend on which skills you gain (even though this is important) but also on the personal growth that will be achieved. These goals may vary depending on your career ambitions, the location of your internship and context in which you are partaking in the opportunity. Here are some questions you can ask yourself at the end of your internship: 



  • Have you demonstrated awareness of personal qualities in the workplace?
  • Have you been deploying a range of skills and abilities in the new working environment?
  • Have you demonstrated the application of existing knowledge to workplace practice?
  • What have you learned from this experience beside your official internship? 
  • How can these new skills and insights help you for the future? 




Don't just look at what the people around are doing, find something you really want to do and take the plunge. Start here, where we hope you will find an internship most suited to your needs.

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