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Engineering Internships in China vs. India

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The past 25 years or so have seen China and India take centre stage in global economics, as they experienced astounding rates of economic growth. Over the past two decades, both countries have rapidly increased their GDP, attracted huge foreign investment, and make a name for themselves in major industries like engineering.

As both countries set their sights on becoming global super powers, they are investing heavily in the engineering sector and looking to expand their foreign markets. To help do this, many companies are looking for foreign interns and employees who bring fresh ideas and experience. China and India's growing importance means an internship in either country will help advance your career. But which is best for you? The team at Intern Asia has put together some key pointers to help you decide.


Engineering Internships in China

The Middle Kingdom has been making global headlines for several years thanks to its rapid growth brought about by a succession of ambitious social and economic development initiatives, known as 5-year plans.

With the thirteenth plan well underway, China is quickly distancing itself from a reputation of producing cheap, low-quality imitations of western goods in favour of becoming a global technology and innovation leader.

Technology in China

Featuring the “Made in China 2025” initiative, the most recent plan aims to enhance the Chinese industry and boost innovation in an attempt to become a global manufacturing leader. To reach this goal, the Chinese government is investing heavily in engineering and technology and making STEM education a nationwide priority.

The effects of this investment are already becoming clear; China’s $5.5 trillion digital payment market is rapidly replacing the need for cash, popular bike-share apps are transforming public transport across the country, and e-commerce companies are using drone technology to meet same-day delivery promises for customers in remote areas.

Though mega-cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong remain important, previously little-known cities are now taking over as technology and engineering hubs. Take for example Hangzhou; once best known for its green tea production, this second-tier city is now considered China’s Silicon Valley and is home to a host of innovative companies.

As China’s importance continues to grow, an internship here is an obvious step for forward-thinking engineering students looking to get a taste of the global future of technology and innovation.

Unsure where to start? Our partner Hutong School can help!


Engineering Internships in India

Since opening its economy in 1991, India has stunned the world with its impressive growth rates which have helped it become one of the world’s fastest expanding economies.

Favourable regulatory policies and major investment in infrastructure and industrial production have made the engineering sector one of India’s main generators of wealth. With an engineering export industry worth $65.23 billion, it’s clear how important the sector is to the nation’s economy/growth.

Engineering internships IndiaSince announcing its aim to create 21 million new jobs by 2025 and become a global superpower, the Indian government has only increased investment in the industry. Though the country is widely recognised for producing high quality engineers, this alone is not enough to take India’s development to the next level.

To help grow their foreign market, engineering companies across India are looking to recruit foreign engineers who offer a different perspective and skillset. This has resulted in a pool of exciting internship opportunities that offer foreign students an insight into one of the largest, most exciting engineering sectors in the world.

Given the size and importance of the industry, positions can be found across the country. Two of the major technology and engineering hotspots are Hyderabad, India’s “cyber city”, where Google, Facebook and Microsoft have set up, and Bangalore, a leading city in information technology, where 7 out of 10 engineering students begin their career.


Life in China

As the world’s most populous nation, it comes as no surprise that China is an extremely busy place. Chinese cities of all sizes are characterised by their hustle and bustle, which makes them an exciting place to be.

Engineering internships in ChinaThe nations rich culture and history combine with the effects of modern globalisation to elegantly capture the concept of East meets West. You only need to be in China for a few days to realise that this is where the future lies; it’s only a matter of time before the new technology, apps and crazes you see in China will appear in your home country!

Its increased global presence has made China a popular international relocation destination, and foreign faces are not an unfamiliar sight. Though Beijing and Shanghai are home to the highest number of expats, the growing importance of other cities like Hangzhou and Chengdu is proving appealing to the more adventurous expat. No matter where you choose to live, as a foreigner in China you’re likely to experience culture shock. But a good support network and some Mandarin classes with Hutong School will help you adapt in no time.



Life in India

India is as exciting as it is diverse, and life here as a foreigner is extremely fulfilling. Home to an array of ethnic groups, this vibrant nation is characterised by a dazzling mix of cultures, religions, languages and people.

Life in IndiaAs both one of the world’s oldest civilisations and rapidly developing economies, India combines modern day conveniences with fascinating history and beautiful architecture. One sixth of the world’s total population lives in India, so naturally it’s an extremely busy and crowded place.

Foreigners can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in India, thanks to low living costs. Even in larger cities like Delhi and Mumbai, groceries, entertainment and transport are far cheaper than it is in the West. This, combined the with booming economy and growing job market is enticing expats from around the world. Though it still ranks lower than China as a popular destination for international relocation, India is welcoming an increasing number of foreigners looking to advance their careers and experience life in what’s soon set to be the biggest economy in the world.

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