Fashion internship in Mainland China vs Hong Kong

Fashion internship in Mainland China vs Hong Kong

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With consumer trends showing a gravitation towards high-street products, major foreign companies such as Uniqlo and H&M are booming in Hong Kong and Mainland China. However, this does not mean there is an impending doom for local designers and boutiques. On the contrary, due to the combination of a strong demographic variation, and therefore differences in income, and the magnitude of the population - fashion brands of every price range hit home. 


Fashion in China


Chinese mainland cities are home to a very unique fashion vibe. In cities which hold several million citizens, the best way to stand out is through creative expression. What else makes the fashion industry in China so unique? E-commerce. It is estimated that online clothing sales account for 30% of total shopping turnover in mainland China. 


Larger, commercial business-to-consumer platforms such as Tmall offer an online store to larger fashion houses so that they are able to reach the largest market in China - the online market. Consumer-to-consumer platforms such as Taobao offer a wide variation of products from those made by hand to vintage to local Chinese brands. In this way, it is possible for China to shift from being a production market to being a creative market. 


Another popular trend its sportswear, with Nike alone boasting more than 6,000 retail locations in Mainland China. This, along with the rising popularity of high street fashion bring along with it a spectrum of internship possibilities. From interning for a local brand to a larger, corporate brand. 


Which fashion sectors are the most popular?


According to Fashion United industry statistics, China is the largest exporter of apparel in the world (36.5% of global total), with footwear and headwear alone accounting for 50% of the total global trade. 


Consumers, especially in Hong Kong are becoming especially aware of environmentally friendly products which caused a rise in the market of organic cotton products. Aside from this, children’s clothing and international clothing brands are popular in Hong Kong. 


Fashion in Hong Kong 


According to the Hong Kong Economy Research, the clothing industry is the third largest industry in Hong Kong. The combination of locally and internationally taught professionals further adds to the ubiquitous, hybrid working culture of Hong Kong.


Thanks to the central location and allocation of resources, Hong Kong is a global hub for fashion trade and production. It has the ability to access all corners of the world, thus increasing exportation possibilities. This provides local manufacturers with extensive knowledge of not only the industry but also everything that goes on behind the scenes, such as international trading rules.



Finding a fashion internship in Asia is not always evident, but the market is definitely growing in presence and importance. Get a head start in the fast paced world and secure your internship in  fashion thanks to InternAsia.



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