Green technology in Asia

Green technology in Asia

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What does green technology consist of?


The term “green technology” is defined as the continuous development of methods and techniques to generate clean energy and non-toxic cleaning products. This field includes sustainability, source reduction (reducing waste and pollution), innovation (alternatives to technology) and viability (creating more products that benefit the environment and build economic attraction around it). Green technology can be conducted through energy (such as solar energy), green chemistry, building, nano-technology…



Green development in Asia 


For the past century, Asia has based its economic growth on a “grow now, clean up later” model. Now, the continent has begun to realize, after some environmental crisis, that the green way would be a better way forward for Asia. 


Green technology is growing in importance, especially in South East Asia. According to a report by Clean Energy Pipeline, investments in solar projects in Southeast Asia increased at an annual growth rate of 8% between 2010 and 2014. 


In countries such as Singapore, clean technology and green architecture are particularly excelling. In June 2015, Singapore issued the city-state’s largest solar power tender, aiming towards having solar power contribute 350MW to Singapore’s power grid by 2020.


China on the other hand, is recognized as the largest investor in domestic renewable energy, investing $102bn in 2015. According to the world economic forum, China is taking the lead in wind power production (around 145 Gigawatts) over the USA (approximately 75 Gigawatts) in 2015. 


Aside from this, China is also the biggest investor in renewable energy and leading in solar power capacity (77 GWh). Because of the rise of the green tech sector and the need for foreign knowledge, Asia is full of opportunities for kick-starting your career or gaining an experience in the field of green technology



Internship in green technology


Many internship offers are available in green technologies companies. These internships can be as a business development intern, marketing intern, project analyst or even as a research intern. 


Solar energy companies, green initiatives, environment-oriented NGO’s and many other companies have internships for people interested in contributing to a responsible cause. There are also many internship opportunities in Singapore for green technology, working in companies such as WWF or IIX - a capital mobilization for climate change and reducing the gap between finance and development. 


Another example of such a green tech industry is DHI Water & Environment in Singapore. This company works on saving water and offers internships focused on climate change databases, with interns working closely together with the technical team.



With such internships, you will be able to immerse yourself in the emerging Asian market while working on finding ways to improve our environment and avoid global warming.

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