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How to pick the perfect internship location for Engineering

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With a continuously growing engineering market in Asia, many foreign companies have begun expanding within the continent. Due to the high level of production in Asia (especially in China), companies are always looking for engineers to increase the productivity of their assembly line methods. 


For example, India and Vietnam are considered to be future engineering hotspots. With India’s booming urban population, there is a strong demand for modern infrastructure and construction. 


Another example is the Philippines, where young Filipino engineers are actively working to find solutions to improve the transportation in their country. Significant development is therefore proven in the transportation sector, more specifically in their locally built trains.


There is also a noticeable increase in engineering programs offered by universities in Asia. For instance, the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the University of Tokyo are known worldwide for having exceptional engineering and technology programs.



Types of engineering internships


engineering internship asia

Engineering is a wide field thus offering many possibilities for internship placements. Obtaining a chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical engineering internship are most common choices but options in naval, mining, aerospace, automotive, electronic, environment and many others are also internships which are growing in popularity and could lead to potentially great experiences.


The type of internship you choose to pursue could depend on your current studies. Whilst this may be obvious for some, for others who are studying a more general engineering course may find internships especially helpful to discover their strengths, weaknesses and interests. 




China is famous for engineering, with many developing rural areas and a strong focus on mechanical forces. Aside from this, civil engineering internship opportunities are becoming very popular in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong where skyscrapers are sprouting from the ground. 


There are also many opportunities for technological engineering internships in Japan and South Korea, who are leading markets in this particular field. Other locations which should not be looked over are India and Singapore, each offering a variety of internships in different sectors such as green technology and industrial engineering. 





What makes an internship location perfect?


Looking for the perfect internship location is never easy. You need to take several aspects into account before making your final decision. Here are a few of the things you should think about:


  • The market environment (is it a flourishing environment for this field)
  • Your current studies, how do they fit, what can you bring to the internship and how will the internship benefit you
  • Opportunities for outside of work activities (sport, nightlife, community events,…)
  • Traveling (especially if you are abroad, you might want to use the opportunity to see amazing places)
  • Culture (does the culture interest you? Is there a language you want to learn?)


A tip is to not choose your internship location just because it looks like a summer paradise or because your compound has a swimming pool. Choose your internship location depending on the advantages you will gain from the internship and outside such as learning a language, discovering a new culture…


We hope we can help you find the engineering internship of your dreams in the most suitable location for you.

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