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How to use your internship experience to secure a job

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An internship can be a life changing experience, especially if you’re doing one abroad. Meeting new people from all over the world, exploring a new country and culture and possibly even learning a new language are all really valuable skills and experience that will benefit you for the rest of your studies and can be a great boost for your CV. But how can you optimally use your internship experience when landing your first job? Below are some tips on the best ways you can use your internship when applying for a new job.

First up there are two fairly straightforward ways you can use your internship experience to get your dream job.


Get hired by your internship firm


If you perform well within your internship role and establish good connections with your colleagues, in particular your manager, you may get an offer to stay after your internship ends. Always try to show your initiative by taking up projects and roles even outside your department to show your eagerness to contribute to the company. But of course, don’t make the mistake of taking on so much work that your core task performance will be negatively influenced. This will actually not be seen as positive by your boss. You should also remember to be proactive in showing your interest in staying full time at the job, a lot of people hesitate or do not indicate their interest in a full-time position and therefore are overlooked in the recruitment of new employees.


Use your new network


When working as an intern, whatever the company you will have a lot of new colleagues who you can connect with and form professional relationships and even friendships with. All these new connections can help you a lot in future job searches. They might have friends or previous colleagues who are looking to hire, and they may be able to recommend you. Or, they switch jobs themselves and can help you get hired at their new company. Having someone you know refer you to someone within the company you want to work for will help you a lot in the hiring process. So, while starting your internship don’t be afraid to invite your supervisor and new colleagues for a lunch or a coffee and take initiative in getting to know them.

If you don’t get hired at your internship firm and do not have a personal referral at your new job interview, your internship experience will still be very valuable and often critical for your chances of getting a new job. Next up are some ways you can use your internship experience on your cv and during interviews to impress the hiring manager.


Search for jobs related to the skills you obtained during your internship



Or do an internship in a field you want a career in. Recruiters often look for people who know what they want and why they want it. Having relevant internship experience in the bag will show that. Your internship is very valuable as it shows you have applied the skills you learned during your degree in a professional setting. This will set you apart from others, who often do not have such practical experiences. Companies usually demand prior experience or at the very least see it as a great plus. However, it is important that the skills you highlight on your resume and in the interview are relevant for the job. Your design internship will not be that valuable in a finance role interview. In these kinds of situations, try to emphasize some general or personal skills such as professional cooperation or international experience to make your internship experience count.




Emphasize impact rather than responsibilities


When describing your activities while interning, being it in person, in the interview or on your resume, people often give a list of the responsibilities you had during the time you spent working there. Office post itHowever, companies are more interested in the impact you can make on their company, so always try to incorporate results and outcomes of the tasks you had to perform. If you have numbers to back up your impact, then you are in a great position. Some talk about your accomplishments in the form of the following: “optimized the growth strategy of ‘xyz’ leading to 10 percent revenue growth”. “implemented a new sales pitch generating 200% extra sales after being introduced to the sales representatives”.

This way you give the recruiting manager an insight in the results you can achieve while working for their company.



Now you have some broad guidelines on how to use your internship experience when looking for a full-time job. No matter which industry or type of job you are looking for, these principles will guide you in your search for a new career. 

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