volunteering in asia

Volunteering in Asia

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volunteer in Asia

Why volunteering in Asia? 


In Asia, new NGOs are being established every week, meaning that volunteering opportunities are growing year after year. However, after the economic downturn, most organizations are struggling to find funding and are therefore struggling to operate at maximum capacity, making the demand for quality volunteers very high. 


Through a volunteering experience in Asia, you will learn about community development, and gain an understanding of intercultural relations and the most importantly, what it is to act for human solidarity.



Type of volunteering in Asia


Deciding to volunteer in Asia is the first step, deciding what kind of volunteering work to do is the second. Whether you are looking for an NGO internship in Laos, Vietnam, Nepal or any other countries in Asia, there are plenty of volunteering projects awaiting your help. From nature conservation to building schools for children in need, the range of placements is very wide. Here are a few types that might interest you:


  • Educational purpose (teaching, helping schools and children/students in need)
  • Environmental conservation (ex help for conservation of Himalayas)
  • Healthcare 
  • Aid of street children, orphanages and children who's parents are in prison
  • Animal related project (ex help to protect and maintain elephants in Thailand)





Specific places to volunteer in Asia are none: in every country there is volunteering needed. But some countries such as Cambodia or the Philippines are more poor than others and thus potentially have more volunteering opportunities. 


For example, the Philippines is known to have a high number of young people involved in drugs, prostitution and who are living in the street. There is an association called “Life project for Youth” focusing on youth aged 15-24 to help them get back into a “normal” life by introducing them to entrepreneurship and team working for business purposes.



Insights on volunteering 


The aim of volunteering, known by all, is contributing to a cause to help people by supporting a development project. Beyond this approach, volunteering also aims at self-development and learning. By helping other people and working for the community, you will discover new skills and abilities of your own and probably find out about new passions. 

By volunteering, you will also understand every persons narratives. Everyone around you will have an interesting story to tell and these stories will become what you fight for.




Potential internships


There are many local NGOs in Asia with opportunities for internships. For example, Asia Foundation is a non-profit international development organization committed to improving lives across Asia. Doing an internship in this kind of organization, you will not only develop new skills in a working environment but you will also contribute to a constructive plan.

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