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Who are we? 

internship in AsiaInternAsia was created to help you sort through the jungle of internship offers across Asia. There are too many providers out there and not enough information about which ones are actually reliable, helpful and right for you. At InternAsia we believe in Quality over Quantity and we therefore pick our preferred partner in each location and work exclusively with the most trusted internship providers. Our team are all "ex-interns" from around the world and we know first-hand about the questions and doubts you have while searching for your perfect internship. Check out our partners' programs to know who we trust. 

If you have any questions about InternAsia or our partners, we are always ready to have a chat or a Skype call. Just get in touch. 


Why trust us?  

interns in AsiaAt InternAsia, we use our personal experiences as interns in various Asian countries as a benchmark to pick the right partners. We look for internship providers who understand their local network, who can advise you on the best internship company, accommodation, visa (if needed) and basic questions about life in each location. We put ourselves in your shoes and pick the providers that we would be happy to use ourselves.

We've been there too, trying to figure out our next move and looking up internship opportunities in different countries. We know what a jungle it can be and we remember all too well that feeling of almost wanting to stay home because it seems impossible to find the right destination, the right internship provider, the right internship company. But please, don't give up. An internship in Asia might just be one of the best decisions you ever make. You will have memories, friends and experiences to last you a lifetime and you will look back at your time in Asia with fondness, we promise! 



Who do we work with?

We work with a handful of carefully selected organisations who can help you find your dream internship in one of many exciting destinations. We select our partners based on a number of criteria including the quality of their services, the feedback from their alumni and their knowledge of their local area. 

Hutong School: Founded in 2005, Hutong School was the first foreign owned Chinese language school to be licensed by the Chinese Ministry of Education. Since then, their international team has welcomed over 5,000 participants onto their internship and Chinese language programs in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu, Chongqing and Zhengzhou. Their wide network of partner companies, knowledge of China, and well-rounded service will help you find your dream internship in China without worrying about the logistics!

Bright Internships: With over 7 years' experience placing interns in over 600 partner companies across more industries than we can count, Bright Internships is the perfect choice for your internship in Indonesia. Their friendly team is formed of people who have been in your position before and know what it's like to try and stand out from the crowd in a competitive industry. Combining their knowledge and experience with a wide network of partner organisations based in beautiful Bali and bustling Surabaya, Bright Internships will help you gain valuable professional experience that will help you later secure the job of your dreams. 

Young Professionals Internship: A team of former interns help you find your dream internship in Indonesia whilst making friends and having fun. YPI will take excellent care of you before, during and even after your internship, making sure that your time in either Yogyakarta in Indonesia fulfills even your highest expectations. 

Internships Kerala: With Internship Kerala you are in the best possible hands for an internship in India. The program includes homestay with a family to give you more cultural immersion, lots of opportunities for excursions and trips, and the most beautiful surroundings in all of India. Experience Kerala through an internship, and find out why it was named among top-10 destinations worldwide by Lonely Planet. 

Asia Internship Program: The AIP comprehensive program offers you internships in multiple locations and with varying degrees of support - in short: its customised! Have you pick between SeoulSingaporeBangkokHanoiHong KongHo Chi Minh City, and Jakarta. And what's more, in each location there is a wide variety of internship sectors to choose from. 


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