architecture and interior design internship

Architecture and Interior Design internship

  • Everyone needs infrastructures to live, work and play. Architects and interior designers are the ones responsible 

    architecture and design internship

    for designing those places. With the continuous need for new buildings and restoration for old ones, there is always a high demand for architects. An architect will work closely with clients to understand their needs. Then, they will create a drawing to visualize the idea. An architect will also be involved in the construction process. This is to ensure that it is done according to the plan. An architect can work in private companies, non-profit organizations and even government that are focusing on the infrastructure. An interior designer, designs the space inside a building so that it can be used efficiently and is aesthetically pleasing. An international internship in architecture and interior design will help you to learn deeper about the industry. Especially with how buildings and structures differ from one culture to another.

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