architecture interior design internship in bali

Architecture & Interior Design: Architects and interior designers are the ones responsible for designing infrastructure. In addition, it also learns about how buildings and structures differ from one culture to another.

These are some positions offered at Bright Internships’ Architecture and Interior Design internship program:

  • Architecture: You will be responsible for understanding the clients need then creating a drawing to visualize the idea. Some of the possible job description would be:
    • Assist the team in ongoing urban planning project
    • Visit work sites to make sure that the construction meets the schedule and design
    • Support the design service: master plan and conceptual design for building function (eg. hotel / apartment et cetera).
  • Interior Design: You will be responsible for designing the space inside a building so that it can be used efficiently, aesthetically pleasing, and more importantly meeting all the clients’ requests. Some of the possible job description would be:
    • Meet the client and assessing their preferences and needs
    • Devise a plan and rough drafts of the design
    • Arrange for materials supplies

Click here for more info about the internship in Bali.

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