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B2B Marketing Internship

  • Great B2B marketers are first and foremost great researchers. They know what potential clients need and how to sell it to them. With innovative solutions being created faster than ever, businesses want people who know what customers want before they do. As a B2B marketing intern, you will conduct market research and find ways to persuade your targets through different channels. You need to thoroughly understand business decision making processes to thrive in this role. A degree in business administration or marketing is preferential but not required. B2B marketers are needed in companies of all sizes and sectors: corporates, SMEs and start-ups. Business to business sales always involves a lot of persuasions, as decision making is based more on information than business to customer sales. Thereby a B2B marketer needs to be professional and patient, as they operate in a long-term cycle with big clients.  

    This career suits you if you enjoy networking, researching and reaching out to people. This internship will give you in-demand skills to effectively navigate around different B2B marketing channels, such as blogs, e-books and e-mails. This internship is best suited for cities with thriving business centers and HQ hubs, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai.

    Main buzzwords: Lead generation, ROI, pay-per-click

    Main tools: CRM, e-mail

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