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Brand Ambassador Internship

  • Passionate ambassadors make people fall in love with the brands they represent. They understand the core values and lifestyle the brand embodies and are able to influence others to buy in. As a brand ambassador intern, you will create visibility for the brand through different means and channels. You will learn about product placement and brand partnerships. This career suits you if you speak in hashtags, are interested in lifestyle trends, enjoy expressing your opinions and persuading others. As companies hire ambassadors based on their online presence, this internship will teach you how to make yours stand out.

    You do not need previous experience or training to land this internship, but you must be a confident social media user and a passionate consumer. Brand ambassadors are hired by various companies but most often by fashion and lifestyle brands. This internship is best suited for cities with strong fashion industries and affluent middle-class consumers such as Shanghai, which is a major center of luxury and lifestyle spending, Hong Kong, where the world´s largest annual fashion event is hosted, or Jakarta, a hub for ethical and sustainable fashion brands.

    Main buzzwords: Influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, buyer personas

    Main tools: Instagram, camera phone

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