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  • Country: China
    Population: 14,427,500
    Time zone: China standard time (UTC+8)
    Languages: Mandarin Chinese, Sichuanese dialects
    Currency: Renminbi (yuan; ¥) (CNY)
    Drives on the: Right
    Calling code: +86
    Official website:
    Best for:
    Big city

    intern in Chengdu

    As the largest city in Western China and a magnet for foreign investment, Chengdu offers forward-thinking interns a fascinating taste of business in China’s fastest developing city. Best known for giant pandas and fiery cuisine, Chengdu is rapidly becoming one of the country’s most pertinent business hubs. Since the government launched its plan to boost economic development in China’s western regions, the city has attracted over half of the top 500 global enterprises, and established a name for itself across many industries.

    Its impressive list of companies from the IT, aviation, fashion and finance fields, laid-back culture and strategic location, make Chengdu a city to watch and an exciting place to intern. You will get an exciting feel of "real China" while you are in Chengdu; contrary to many other large Chinese cities, this one is far into the country and has thereby retained more of its unique culture than the coastal cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen. Especially for those who have been to Chine before or who have studied some Chinese previously, this is the perfect next step for you. 


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    Examples of internships in Chengdu

    Game development intern Graphic design intern Marketing and business development intern
    Product development and marketing intern Copywriter and website assistant intern  



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