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Communications internship

  • Are you one of those people who enjoys watching adverts? Then you probably want to work in communications. Communication specialists devise companies’ stories and share them with the world. They are the voice of the company, drafting and delivering messages to different audiences. Social media has changed the field of communications and a thorough understanding of this medium is a required skill for aspiring field specialists. As a communication intern, you will draft social media updates and press releases. You are expected to attend company meetings to stay up to date with the latest achievements and post about them on social media. While a degree in journalism or PR is highly preferred, it is not mandatory. If you are articulate, creative, and work well under pressure, you can work your way up. You just need to have excellent verbal and written skills. Communication specialists are needed across all industries, but you are expected to be fluent in the company’s main language. If you know more than one language, you become a highly desirable candidate for multinational companies. Thereby, it is useful to combine a communication internship with language immersion to gain some competitive advantage. Multinational companies´ host cities Shanghai, Tokyo, Delhi, are great places to start from.

    Main buzzwords: CSR, company culture, online presence

    Main tools: Press release, deadlines, twitter

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