Copywriter internship

Copywriter internship

  • You love playing around with words and you count your followers on Goodreads, not Instagram. Then you probably belong to the club of copywriters, who create advertising and sales texts for companies. Every day companies compete for attention, while people (referred to as targets and clickers) try to navigate through information overload. It is up to powerful copywriters to make content readable and useful for people rather than targets. Copywriters are needed in all industries, but those in search of more variety and creativity should look into advertising agencies. Technical copywriters, who can explain 3D printed solar panels to grandmothers, are especially in demand. Degrees in marketing and linguistics come in handy, but great grammar skills and passion for writing will usually be enough. As a copywriter intern, you will work closely with the marketing department, draft social media messages and blog articles. You will learn to follow the company┬┤s SEO strategy, which will enhance your employability for a similar position. This internship is suited for cities that break the writers' block such as Bali, Kerala or Hanoi.

    Main buzzwords: AIDA model, length of meta title, Keywords

    Main tools: Thesaurus, coffee, keyboard

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