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Digital marketing internship

  • Content is king they say. Digital marketers are often regarded as people who spend time on social media all day and get paid for it. This is only half true. Good digital marketers need to keep up with fast-changing digital trends; they use creative and analytical skills to reach customers. They make sure that the ads you see on your digital tools are relevant and don´t waste your time, or the company. As a digital marketing intern, you will gain insight into the complicated and gripping world of Facebook algorithms and marketing metrics. You will help to create content and analyze its reach. While a marketing background is useful, it is often a craft you learn on the job. As digital marketers need to be able to create online content, knowledge of basic design tools such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, come in handy. Digital marketers are needed across all industries that target any of the 4 billion people who have internet access. This internship is suited for cities with fast and open internet such as Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore.


    Main buzzwords: Lead generation, referral traffic, cost per conversion

    Main tools: Google analytics, Facebook for Business 

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