education internship in bali

Education: Different people have different skills and interest, and it is the job of the people in the education industry to nourish and develop those talents.

These are some positions offered at Bright Internships’ Education internship program:

  • School Teacher: You will be responsible for building up the foundation of the students’ academic study. Some of the possible job description would be:
    • Prepare materials and conduct lessons while under supervision
    • Asses the ability of each students and develop the study plan accordingly
    • Create a conducive and disciplines learning environment
  • Special Education Teacher: You will be responsible to convey general education materials through lessons that are suitable for people with the type of disability that they work for. Some of the possible job description would be:
    • Conduct lesson under supervision
    • Design individual lesson when required
    • Work together with professionals and specialist in related field to further develop a study plan
  • Education Management: You will be working in one of the universities’ departments such as International Office or Marketing Department. Some of the possible job descriptions would be:
    • Promote the universities to schools in the regions
    • Work with international students and host some events
    • Liaise with international partners for exchange programs, double degree, summer programs etc

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