Engineering internship

Engineering internship

  • This parent-pleaser career is one of the most vital ones in the world. Engineers come in many forms; civil, mechanic, electric, IT. Civil engineers plan and design construction projects, while mechanic and electric engineers design machinery and equipment. IT engineers work on computer network soft- and hardware. Whichever type you choose, engineers across all industry need to be analytical, meticulous and quality oriented. This is a specialist career and demands a degree in engineering. As most companies tend to hire people with previous work experience, an internship is a common point of entry. As an engineering intern, you will be accompanied by a mentor, who will oversee your projects and professional development. You will be given challenging tasks which will help you experience the everyday life of an engineer and prepare you for this career.  

    Internship in electric or mechanic engineering is suited for developing cities with large infrastructure projects such as Ho Chi Minh City or Jakarta, or cities with large manufacturing hubs such as Hangzhou or Beijing. If you are a software engineer, you´re best bet is to intern in well-known IT hubs such as Hong Kong or Singapore. 


    Main buzzwords: 3D, Industry 4.0, IoT

    Main tools: Brain, CAD, algebra 

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