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  • internships in Asia 9-5 sounds like a horror film title. You see problems waiting for solutions, everywhere you go. You have a notebook filled with Steve Jobs and Jack Ma quotes, where you jot down all your business plans. Entrepreneurial career is suited for people, who are not afraid of taking risks, failing and then trying again. Large doses of innovation, courage, and leadership are needed to succeed as an entrepreneur. While most famous entrepreneurs are college dropouts, it´s not exactly a rule of thumb. Common prerequisites are field-specific knowledge and a strong understanding of market need and behavior. As an intern entrepreneur, you will join a start-up team in its initial phase and help bring its product to market. It is a useful experience that will teach you vital start-up skills such as teamwork, pitching, and product development. Even if you are not ready to become an entrepreneur yet, there are many workplaces that value entrepreneurial skills. Intrapreneurship, or acting like an entrepreneur in a large organization, is a new trend in many tech and innovative companies. This internship is suited for cities with large start-up hubs such as Hangzhou, Bangalore, Shanghai.

    Main buzzwords: Lean start-up, product-market fit, investor-readiness

    Main tools: Business model canvas, pitch, equity


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