Environment internships abroad

Environmental internship

  • You dream of a plastic-free world, where organic is the new normal, and electricity is fossil free. But you don´t just dream, you act. You want to be part of the solution and take initiative. Environmentalist careers come in many forms; from engineering solar panels and developing smart agriculture solutions to being a sustainability consultant in large corporations.  Having a degree in life sciences or engineering is required to come up with solutions in the energy sector or land use. However, enthusiasm and thorough knowledge about the topic can get you into the advocacy and planning section. A degree in economics will be beneficial to work in environmental public policy. This internship will give you experience and understanding about the large-scale activities that go on behind environmental work. You will learn the main tools of analysis and implementation. This internship is best suited for cities with heavy environmental challenges such as Beijing or Shanghai.


    Main buzzwords: Smart buildings, energy efficiency, circular economy

    Main tools: Research papers, macroeconomic analysis


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