Graphic design internships in Asia

Graphic design internship

  • You know all the comic sans jokes. In your spare time, you walk around town looking at posters and figuring out their RGB codes. Graphic designers are visual thinkers who design messages. They are an integral part of any marketing team. If they are not in-house employees, then they usually work in advertising agencies, offering their services as external suppliers. Designers work on a variety of projects and unless you are a big shot, you design for anyone that asks. A degree in arts or graphic design is required, unless you are self-taught, with an eye for precision. As a graphic design intern, you will work in the marketing department, or IT firm designing social media banners, event posters, websites etc. To succeed in this job, you need to be able to design and deliver on time. You need to understand client needs and follow their brand books. As the saying goes; artists work for themselves, designers work for clients. This internship is suitable for cities with creative industries, like Hong Kong and Seoul.


    Main buzzwords: Design thinking, infographics, typography

    Main tools: Adobe creative suite, drawing tablet, client briefs

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