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  • Country: Vietnam
    Population: 7.700.000
    Time zone: Hanoi, Vietnam (GMT +7)
    Languages: Vietnamese
    Currency: Vietnamese Dong (₫) VND
    Drives on the: Right
    Calling code: +84
    Official website:
    Best for:

    Work in HanoiIf you’re looking for adventure, excitement and a complete sensory overload, you’re in the right place. Hanoi’s chaotic roads, vibrant markets, noisy food vendors and swarming crowds might shock you at first, but they’ll seduce you by the end. The city’s colonial past and multi-cultural population combine to form a unique landscape featuring French, Russian, Chinese and Southeast Asian influences that shouldn’t, but somehow do, work.

    Hanoi’s sweeping French boulevards and elegant European architecture contrast starkly against the unpolished weaving alleyways of the Old Quarter, where locals have maintained a firm grip on tradition. 36 streets combine to form a complex web of market stalls, food stands, and traditional houses brought to life by an unmistakable buzz. Dive beyond the capitals’ hectic surface however, and you’ll discover charming traditions, a long and rich history, and friendly locals eager to welcome you to their city. No two days are the same in Hanoi, so get ready to be swept away!

    By enrolling in a Vietnam internship, you give yourself the prime opportunity to gain international work experience and further develop your professional skills. As Vietnam’s economy is rapidly growing as one of the fastest in Asia, this makes the country an ideal destination to explore internship opportunities. Vietnam is seeking to become the next up and coming business hub in the Asia region, as they follow previous economic strategies utilized by Singapore, Hong Kong and South Korea. Some popular industries to pursue an internship are Import & Export, Manufacturing, and Engineering.


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    Journalism internships in Hanoi IT internships in Hanoi Finance internships in Hanoi 
    Entrepreneurship internships in Hanoi Graphic Design Internships in Hanoi  



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