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Healthcare: Healthcare is an important part of life for everyone. Being involved in the industry is a source of pride and an opportunity to help those in need

These are some positions offered at Bright Internships’ Healthcare internship program:

  • Pharmacist: You will be responsible for ensuring a patient’s safety by making sure the drug prescribed to them does not conflict with their health record. Some of the possible job description would be:
    • Taking in prescriptions and dispense medication under supervision
    • Double checking prescriptions and contacting the doctor if needed
    • Inform patients on the proper ways of taking their medication and the side effects
  • Nurse: You be responsible for assisting doctors in providing care as instructed as well as monitoring a patient’s day-to-day condition. Some of the possible job description would be:
    • Follow doctors and other licensed physicians’ instructions
    • Keep an organized record of patients
    • Fill up paperwork and assist patients in doing theirs

Click here for more info about the internship in Surabaya Indonesia.

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