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Hong Kong

  • Country: China
    Population: 7,448,900
    Time zone: Hong Kong Time (UTC+8)
    Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Chinese dialects
    Currency: Hong Kong dollar (HK$) (HKD)
    Drives on the: Left
    Calling code: +852
    Official website:
    Best for:
    Big city
    Cutting-edge technology

    Internship in Hong KongHong Kong enjoys one of the best locations in Asia. Nestled on the South-Eastern corner of Mainland China, it is an obvious choice for a trade port and ideal for inter-regional traveling. Because of this, Hong Kong has often been the object of other countries' interest and most recently has been part of both the Commonwealth Empire and subsequently the Chinese. As a special autonomous region, Hong Kong is quite different from the rest of China both in terms of politics and culture, but also in its attitude towards foreigners. Although Hong Kong is quite small by Asian standards, it still has many distinct areas; Kowloon, Central, Hong Kong Business District, Mongkok and others. Where you choose to live depends on your budget and your taste but you can find areas that are chaotic and budy, some that are beautiful and quiet, others that are futuristic. You can even live on a nearby tropical island and commute by ferry in the morning. 

    From Hong Kong it's very convenient to travel to the rest of Asia. You can use this as your base while you slowly explore the whole region, or you can satisfy your inner adventourer simply by experiencing all that Hong Kong itself has to offer.


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    Examples of internships in Hong Kong

    Logistics and Supply Chain Internships HR Internships Hospitality Internships NGO Internships
    Environmental Internships Engineering Internships Business Development Internships IT Internships
    Finance Internships PR and Marketing Internships    



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