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Hospitality internship

  • Your Instagram account is full of travel and exotic food images. You know many languages and love to stop and give directions to tourists. You have a long list of hobbies, such as camping, hiking, cooking; and you like collecting memories, not things. A career in the hospitality sector should be just the right fit. Hospitality industry jobs vary between hotel management, organizing music festivals, food and beverage operations or being a volcano guide. Hospitality stands for the friendly treatment of guests, or interaction between host and guest. You need to have the drive to deliver exceptional experiences. Jobs in these industries are very personality driven, you need to possess excellent communication skills and ability to work with different people. The jobs are seldom office based, which makes it an excellent option for restless spirits. You do not need any educational background but great people skills and passion for excellent customer service. This internship is suited for cities with a booming tourism industry such as Bali or Kerala.


    Main buzzwords: Yoga retreats, sustainable travel, millennial travellers

    Main tools: Booking sites, tour buses, interactive guides, suitcases


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