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How to Land a Last-Minute Summer Internship

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find an internship abroad this summer

last-minute summer internship

School’s spring semester is almost over and the fact that you haven’t found a summer internship yet has made you feel restless and about to give up. However, we still believe that you shouldn’t give up hope on finding an incredible summer internship abroad. You might have no clue what to do next and how to start your search again, which is why we’ve put some tips and tricks together to increase your chances for landing a great last-minute summer internship.


Broaden your search

When it comes to internships, most students have an ideal company in mind to which they want to apply. However, if you limit yourself to one type of company or internship, you’ll probably be looking for a while. By broadening your search to local start-ups or different industries, you’ll increase your chances. It is an idea to look into different types of industries such as the hospitality, tourism, travel, or event and entertainment industry. Look into start-ups or local companies for any internship position that requires your set of skills. We are not saying to settle with whichever internship you can get, but if you broaden your search, it might help you find a great internship. What is more, doing an internship at a start-up provides you the opportunity to make a significant contribution as business is less developed than that of bigger companies. After all, internships during which you ‘ve made a significant contribution is the most valuable experience you can have.


how to find an internship abroadUse LinkedIn

More and more people are using LinkedIn to show their availability for job openings. You can do the same when you are looking for an internship. Show your network that you are looking for an internship abroad and make sure to emphasize your skills, experience, and what you would like to learn. It’ll be clear for your network what you are looking for and what you can offer. At the same time, you network is able to share your post with their network and so on and on. Using LinkedIn is a great way to spread the word and to increase your chances for finding an internship.


Internship Agency

It is no easy task to find a last-minute summer internship abroad by yourself, which is why an internship agency can help you out. There are plenty of internship providers, for example the Hutong School or Young Professionals Indonesia in Asia that assist you through every step of the process, from internship placement to visa applications, housing and beyond, which makes it easier for you to arrange a last-minute internship wherever you end up.


summer internships abroad

Consider unpaid internships

If you haven’t found an available paid internship yet, you might want to consider adding unpaid internships in your search. However, you should consider carefully what benefits the internship adds to your future career. If you are looking for an internship in social work, medicine, nursing, or environment or in the technical sector, an unpaid internship might add valuable experience to your future career. In some sectors, unpaid internships are more readily available than paid internships, for example in extremely technical sectors where interns usually take on a more educational role. Depending on your field of study, non-profits are also a great addition to your CV. Consider carefully what your aim is and what you want to learn. In the end, if you can argument why you have chosen that internship or company besides money, you’ll be able to gain a more valuable experience. 

With these tips, you’ll be able to increase your chances. However, you might still end up with no internship at all. If you are not confident that you will find an internship soon, you could also apply for volunteer work or learn a language abroad. It is a perfect way to gain international experience and make contacts and friends abroad, and who knows – you might find an internship through your new friends.

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