human resource internship bali

Human Resource: People in this filed are the ones that deal with interpersonal relationships and problems of everyone in the company, from the janitor to the management.

These are some positions offered at Bright Internships’ Human Resource internship program:

  • Hiring Recruiter: You will be responsible to find employee with skill, experience, potential, and background that are best suited for the available position in the company. Some of the possible job description would be:
    • Attract potential candidates by networking through social media, putting out job notification in the appropriate channel
    • Screen resume and CV
    • Conduct interviews and background check
    • Recommend the best candidates to the hiring manager
  • Training and Development Officer: You will be responsible to plan and administer training program that will equip employees with the skills they need. Some of the possible job description would be:
    • Design and administer training programs
    • Oversee new employee orientation
    • Compile reports of training progress and submit them to management

Click here for more info about the internship in Bali.

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