Human Resources internships in Asia

Human resources internship

  • Work takes up 80% of our time. It matters that we enjoy it. Human resources department ensures that people are happy at work and their true potential shines brightly. They hire people who are a good fit for the company and make sure both sides’ expectations are met. HR managers need to have some psychological training and an understanding of adult training principles. Usually, a degree in andragogy, education or HR-focused business management is required. It is also possible to work your way up in this field. By working at a company for a long time and being very familiar with the processes and human capital patterns, you could be promoted to the department. As an HR intern, you will post job offers, organize and follow the interview processes. This internship is best suited for cities with thriving business centers and HQ hubs, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai.


    MaiWn buzzwords: Ikigai, lifelong learning, employer branding

    Main tools: CV-s, questionnaires, Linkedin

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