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The team at InternAsia have brought together a handful of reliable internship providers in exciting destinations to help you find the right internship in the right place for you. We are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about interning in Asia, but since we don’t organise the internships ourselves you should contact the relevant program provider for questions about specific programs or positions. Click on the pictures under each destination to find out more about the types of internship positions available there.


Looking to intern in paradise? Look no further. Apply to Young Professionals Internships and get the chance to work in one of many exciting sectors on Indonesia’s most famous holiday island, Bali. Relax after a day at work on one of the islands many beaches or waterfalls and spend your weekends socialising with the warm and friendly locals. What’s not to like?

Bali Internships:


Can’t decide between ancient culture and modern-day city? Beijing is the place for you. As China’s cultural, historical and political heart, the city combines traditional culture with a modern city centre to provide the ultimate insight into the country’s rich and interesting history. Home to both local businesses and global enterprises across a range of industries, Beijing is brimming with possibilities. Take an internship in Beijing with our partner Hutong School, and who knows where you’ll end up!

Beijing internships:
















You might know it for its pandas and spicy cuisine, but Chengdu is quickly making a name for itself in the international business world. Now home to more than half of the top 500 global enterprises and a multitude of local businesses, the Sichuan capital has been coined China’s most up and coming business hub. Here you’ll find exciting opportunities in a range of fields that’s sure to set you apart from the crowd. Contact Hutong School now to find your dream internship in Chengdu.

Chengdu internships: ​












Looking to get hands-on experience and make an impact from day one? Where better than China’s start-up hotspot, Hangzhou? Also known as China’s Silicon Valley, this tech hub is the destination for young innovators hoping to make themselves stand out. Get in touch with Hutong School now to take the first step towards a global career. Who knows, you might end up working for China’s next Alibaba!

Hangzhou internships: ​














When you think of India, white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters are the last things that come to mind. Believe it or not though they exist in the southern coastal state of Kerala, renowned for its beautiful beaches, clear backwaters, green mountains and lush forests. Join our trusted partner Internships Kerala and get the chance to work in this dream destination. Get in touch with them today and they'll help you find your dream internship!

Kerala Internships:













Does life in a fast-paced, cosmopolitan city sound appealing? Look no further. This dazzling metropolis combines the best of East and West to create an electric atmosphere perfect for those looking to explore modern day China. As the nations economic hub, the city is bursting with opportunity; an internship in Shanghai is sure to make you stand out. Get in touch with our partner Hutong School, who will help find your ideal internship position in this dream destination.

Shanghai Internships:












While Bali is known as Indonesia’s paradise island, Yogyakarta is the heart of its culture. Known as the ‘jewel in Java’s crown’, this chaotic metropolis is home to ancient temples, culinary delights and a modern art scene. It’s a place where old meets new, and where people from across the nations many islands gather to enjoy a vibrant, colourful life. Join Young Professionals Internships and get the chance to gain professional experience in this exciting Indonesian city.  

Yogyakarta Internships:












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