find internship in Indonesia;


find an internship in Indonesia

Destinations: Yogyakarta

From the bustling artistic center of Yogyakarta, to the paradise-like Bali; find your internship with the help of Young Professionals Internship (YPI) in one of Indonesia’s beautiful islands. With their friendly service, personal approach, and high-quality internship packages, YPI is one of the biggest internship providers in Indonesia. So far, YPI has helped more than 500 students find an internship, and many more are on their way. At YPI you will find internships in various sectors, such as: marketing, tourism, social work, sports, communication, and more.

With their main office in Bali, the team from YPI can deliver timely and personal assistance to their students whenever something comes up. Their local teams in Java and Sumatra will have someone waiting for you when you arrive, so regardless of which location you choose, you can expect a local team to assist you along the way. 

The internship package includes everything you need for your internship in Indonesia, such as: placement in an internship of your choice, accommodation in a student house, sim card, scooter, and round-the-clock support from the local team. YPI encourage their students to become a part of their dedicated community of interns to fully immerse in Indonesia’s culture. They offer a wide range of social and cultural events, such as trips to National parks, climbing a volcano, rafting, and football events with YPI Football Team.


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                                                          See what YPI's students are saying...

  • Internship in Bali

    Experience the magic of Bali with an internship from YPI. Internships are available in the travel industry, luxury guides, and tourism.

    Internship in Yogyakarta

    Yogyakarta is not your average Indonesian city; you will join a predominantly young student crowd, enjoying life to its fullest and getting truly unique experiences along the way.

  • internship in Bali

    Jasper Kuizenga

    Position: Co-founder

    internship in Yogyakarta

    Lars Tielen

    Position: Co-owner

    internship in Indonesia

    Froukje van der Hoek

    Position: Sales and Marketing

  • internship in Bali

    Price for your internship in Indonesia (EUR)

    1 month 2 months 3 months 4 months 5 months 6 months 1

    With accomodation and scooter

    689 290 290 290 290 290 3
    Total Fee
    689 979 1269 1559 1849 2139 4

    With accommodation

    649 250 250 250 250 250 6
    Total Fee
    649 899 1149 1399 1649 1899 7

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