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Destinations: Tokyo and Osaka

Want to start your career in the Land of the Rising Sun? Have business meetings in big cities like Tokyo or Osaka, eat your sushi lunch under the sakura (cherry) trees and explore Japan with new friends by hopping on the famous bullet train! Zentern arranges your internship placement. Operating mainly in Tokyo and Osaka, they offer a wide variety of fields. Don't speak Japanese? Not a problem at all! They'll just find you an international environment to make sure you are among people you can easily communicate with. 

Oh, and when you finish work they'll even take you out to explore Japan, meet new people and discover the best of Japanese cuisine. Sign up now or start off with a free Skype consultation with one of Zentern's Samurai Consultants for more information! 

There is no better introduction to the futurustic, fast-paced Japanese society than with Zentern at your side, not just because they are experienced in their field, they are a cool bunch of people too! 


And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at InternAsia so we can help guide you to your perfect internship experience. 

                                                          See what Zentern's students are saying...

  • An internship in Japan with Zentern takes commitment - but pays off big time

    Here’s what you’ll need: • 4-24 weeks. (Start and end anytime.) • Imagination. (“The preview to life’s coming attractions.” – Einstein.) • Guts. (Internships don’t pay cash, but they pay off big time in the end.) • Investment. (Our rates are the best in the business.) It’s time to grow your greatest asset: yourself.

    The Zentern difference

    • Guaranteed internship in Japan • Field trips with other interns • Weekly activities & network events • Transportation pass (¥2,000) • Data sim card • Japanese language classes • 24/7 local emergency support • Career counselling & mentorship • Flexible start & end dates • Accommodation arrangements • Certificate of completion • Interns are our No.1 priority!

  • Noa Aziz

    Position: Founder and Managing Director

  • Price for your internship in Tokyo or Osaka (JPY)

    4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks 20 weeks 24 weeks 1
    Application fee
    50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 2
    Program fee
    240,000 290,000 340,000 390,000 440,000 490,000 3
    Total Fee
    290,000 340,000 390,000 440,000 490,000 540,000 4
    Total including 8% tax
    313,200 367,200 421,200 475,200 529,200 583,200 5

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