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Business Development

What sets South Korea apart from other countries is its strong commitment to promoting industrialization. Being heavily export-dependent nation, South Korea seeks to propel its industries to new heights through more productive and innovative business strategies.


To maintain its position of one of the top exporters in the world, industries in South Korea need people who can help them retain their current share in the global marketplace and even expand the same.

As a result, business development is a key department in the industries and businesses here, thus opening up a variety of business development career opportunities. In fact, a Business Development internship in Korea presents a wonderful opportunity for the students or beginners in the business development field to gain hands-on experience of developing and promoting a business in an international market. Furthermore, South Korea boasts of a very promising startup scene.


Not only is South Korea promoting local businesses to go international, it is also inviting entrepreneurs from abroad to come and work here. With a maturing and booming startup business model, South Korea has become a place where bright enterprising minds from all over the world work in tandem.

All in all, if you are wondering about where and what you can do something truly differentiating to set your business career on the right track, then think no further than a Business Development internship in Korea.


Past AIP Business Development interns have been involved and worked on the following projects:


  • Conducting research and identifying potential partnerships with other companies.
  • Reaching out to current partner companies to explore new opportunities and projects.
  • Working alongside business development managers to analyze current markets status, competitor analysis, and testing ideas for business expansion.
  • Conducting business development projects by maintaining databases of large international corporations, preparing presentations and sales pitches, and setting up meetings.
  • Actively managing sales processes from lead generation to signed agreements.


Note that all AIP interns are given a personal supervisor who will train, monitor and guide you throughout your international internship experience.


Internship tasks will vary from company to company, as well as intern to intern. These are only examples of tasks that were carried out from previous interns.


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