Internship in Bangkok

It is this dynamic work environment of Thailand that necessitates the requirement for smart HR professionals as well as learning opportunities for budding HR aspirants. Thailand is a great place for you to study more about the HR field and analyze whether it would be a good choice for your career.

Your HR internship in Thailand can deal with one or more of HR works like organization development, talent hiring and development, learning and training, employee performance management, employee on-boarding and exit, employee and employer relations, compensation and rewards, etc.

The exciting part of HR internship Thailand is that it would teach you the critical aspects of HR management while exposing you to an all-together different culture. A HR internship in Thailand is not merely about learning HR management, it’s about learning HR management in the context of a different, important culture of the world.

Past AIP Human Resource interns have been involved and worked on the following projects:

  • Managing and maintaining a satisfied level of customer service with clients both internally and externally.
  • Tracking the progress, deadlines, and priorities of all projects.
  • Handling client requests and delivering quality solutions.
  • Ensuring that employees are working efficiently, while routinely supervising workers and answering questions.
  • Managing new job postings of the company across multiple channels.

Note that all AIP interns are given a personal supervisor who will train, monitor and guide you throughout your international internship experience.

Internship tasks will vary from company to company, as well as intern to intern. These are only examples of tasks that were carried out from previous interns.

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