teaching internship in Kerala

teaching in India

If you're interested in starting a teaching career, get in touch with Internships Kerala to find out how they can help you get started.

A Teaching Experience in India is sheer joy, it is an excellent way to understand the teaching system in a different country and rediscover yourself in a never-to be forgotten adventure in India! You will be based in the bustling city of Trivandrum in the southern state of Kerala.

Our teaching projects are highly flexible programmes and you can use your own creativity to incorporate new ideas. The school has a nursery, primary and secondary section where it is compulsory that all lessons are taught in English.

Our schools in Trivandrum need your help and are always appreciative and grateful to all volunteers. Your project will definitely give invaluable teaching and education to the school. The children are polite, courteous and are often so interested in you and your life in a different country; they always look up to you and treat you like a celebrity!


The school is a minority education institute with an excellent reputation. The total number of students is close to 650. You can teach a range of subjects, including:

  • English
  • Sports
  • Computer Science
  • Music
  • Art
  • Foreign Languages (German, French)
You can combine either of these subjects with any mainstream subjects like Math, Geography, History, Biology etc.

On arrival, you'll be introduced to the Principal and staff on your first day and they will discuss your teaching programme. You will assist a teacher for first three to four days and once you gain confidence and feel comfortable in the classroom, you will be able to teach students by yourselves. The day is divided into 8 sessions, each with duration of 45 minutes and a one hour lunch break. The volunteers would ideally get 3 or 4 sessions to teach per day.

The children are very obedient and they love to hear stories about you, your lifestyle and about your home country. It is ideal to take magazine articles and pictures of your family, friends and some interesting local places in your home country with you. You can also use these to initially engage the students and to get to know them. The school is open from June-February every year. The working hours begin from 08:30 AM. The school would be hoping to give an international exposure to the students by hosting volunteers from around the World. The school is a mixed school (both boys and girls) and this programme is open to both male and female volunteers. The working hours end at 02:45PM. You can use the rest of your time to explore the town, shop or even do some social work – talk to us and we’ll give you more information on this. You can also sign up for add-on programmes like Ayurvedic sessions, Yoga or language sessions, or even try out the martial arts of Kerala dating back to the 14th century – “Kalaripayattu”! 

The school are also keen on volunteers wishing to teach music. The school has its own band troupe that performs on occasions such as Annual Day, Sports Day, Cultural festivals and youth festivals, so if you have an interest in teaching anything - This can be Sports, Music, Arts or any other subjects you think that can be useful to the students/school, you have the full freedom to implement this!

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