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Introducing Bright Internships’ Extensive Internship Program

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Bali Indonesia Internship

We are proud to introduce to you our new partner, Bright Internships and their exciting internship positions in Indonesia. Offering by far the widest selection of positions in any of our featured destinations, Bright Internships is the ideal choice for anyone looking to gain experience in anything from marketing and business development to teaching and consulting. With positions in the beautiful Bali and bustling Surabaya  , they have plenty to offer you, no matter your goals. So, without further ado, here’s what Bright Internships is all about and why you should consider choosing them for your internship in Indonesia.

Who are they?

Founded by Florensia W. Daryanto in 2012 with the aim of helping students and young professionals from around the world gain life changing experience by interning abroad, Bright Internships has placed over 200 students in internships with companies of varying sizes. Working in cooperation with a wide network of organizations ranging from multinational corporations and small medium enterprises, the company has designed an internship program and entrepreneur project that helps ambitious young talents to stand out from the crowd in an industry of choice.

Their friendly team is experienced not only in guiding you to the right internship, but also helping you prepare a winning resume that will help you later secure your dream job. Having all been in the same situation once, they are the perfect people to advise you.

What do they offer?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Bright Internships offers a comprehensive internship program in Bali and Surabaya. These two exciting destinations offer a fantastic alternative to anyone looking to intern in Asia – no matter the  sector. Start by either choosing your destination or internship, and their expert team will help you arrange the rest. Their wide range of internship positions means that with Bright Internships you aren’t confined only to tourism and hospitality related roles, which are two of the areas’ main industries. In fact, their wide network of companies enables them to offer positions in IT, Engineering, Marketing and more. The two destinations themselves each offer their own advantages; if you’re looking for sun, sea and smiles then Bali is the perfect choice. Or, if you’re more in the market for a bustling Asian metropolis with stunning natural beauty just around the corner, then Surabaya is the answer to your needs.

Whichever option you choose, you will be able to choose between 3 different packages; Lite, Basic and Regular Specially designed to suit different aims and needs, these packages include various services to help make your internship in Bali or Surabaya run smoothly.

If you’re already familiar with the location and don’t need much additional support beyond finding the internship placement, the Basic option is ideal. But, if you’d like a little more support to help you settle in well, then the Lite or Regular packages are perfect. These offer a little more help with professional development and your visa, making life that little bit easier. Though, no matter which package you choose, you’ll see that their 5* service is just what you need to help you explore Indonesia in safe hands.

If you’re unsure which internship position, destination or service package is the right choice for you, feel free to drop the Bright Internships team an email or get in touch with us at Intern Asia directly.

Why did we choose Bright Internships?

At InternAsia, we focus on quality over quantity, and Bright Internships offers just that. Sharing our goal of helping ambitious young professionals launch a successful career and stand out from the crowd with international experience, they fit well into our network of partner companies.

Bright Internships’ student reviews are glowing, with an overwhelmingly positive response to their programs. But what makes them different? Well, first and foremost, the team has been in your position before, meaning they know how tough the job market is, how crucial it is to get on the right career path, how important it is to be ready and well-prepared to enter the job market. They use their experience and expertise to offer an outstanding service to you. In addition to this, they ensure to stay on top of industry trends and continuously improve their knowledge and skills. They take pride in listening to their clients’ needs and treat each and every individual case with care.

The wide range of internship positions opens up these exciting destinations to those who want to experience the gems of Indonesia, but don’t want to be restricted to work in the hospitality and tourism sectors. Not only does this help you, but it also helps the local economy, which is increasingly looking for overseas talent to help propel it into the next realm of development – it’s a win, win!

Their internship packages include excellent services such as visa assistance, a post-arrival orientation, a formal introduction with your internship company, membership, events and a one-to-one career advice session to prepare you for your career after interning. Their comprehensive service means that you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands!


What’s Next?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

If you’re interested in finding out more about Bright Internships and what they offer, we advise visiting their website and exploring their story and program offerings in more detail. If you’re ready to apply, then head to their application form and a member of their team will soon be in touch to help guide you to the right internship position in the right destination.

Once you’ve submitted your application, they will be in touch to schedule an interview to find out more about you. Following this, you’ll be enrolled onto their program and the internship matching process will begin. In order to ensure you have enough time to interview, secure a position and get your visa, we advise applying 2-3 months ahead of your intended start date.

What are you waiting for? Take the first step towards your dream internship with Bright Internships!

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