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  • IT nerds are in. Nothing much in this world runs without IT anymore. Even your granny’s handicraft gang has a website nowadays. Hence if you have IT skills, you are most likely never unemployed. Front-end, back-end, UX/UI, IT support, cybersecurity - these are only a few choices on the IT career path. IT skills demand a lot of training, as learning to code is time-consuming. However, it is an investment with a high ROI. It is possible to get an academic degree, go through an intensive training program, or even learn to code online. It is mostly skilled over qualifications in this field. Being one of the highest paid careers, it is also one of the most flexible ones. Many IT developers get to work remotely and on a variety of projects across different industries. As an IT intern, you will work with a mentor and assist the IT team depending on your area of interest and skills. This internship is suited for IT hubs like Hangzhou and Singapore.


    Main buzzwords: AI, block-chain, Python

    Main tools: Computer, code, language to explain IT terms to noobs


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