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Journalism internship

  • Getting paid for being curious - the dream job for the ruthless investigator. There is a saying that journalism is printing what someone else doesn´t want to be printed, everything else is just PR. This job suits people who are not afraid to ask questions and are comfortable publishing their writing or appearing on TV. Journalism often appears on the top ten most stressful job list; hence high-stress tolerance is a must-have if you want to succeed in this role. As a journalism intern, you will interview and come up with story ideas. Excellent writing skills and knowledge of journalism ethics is crucial. You need to understand the basics of reporting and story structure, so finding out the 5W-s and putting them in an inverted pyramid. While a degree in journalism is preferential, it is possible to learn it through experience, which is why an internship is highly recommended in this field. This internship is suited for cities with regional media HQ-s such as Beijing, Hong Kong and Seoul.


    Main buzzwords: Fake news, citizen journalism, accuracy vs speed dilemma

    Main tools: Recorder, notepad, camera

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