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Law internship

  • This prestigious career suits high-achievers who are meticulous, detail-oriented and know how to prove a point. Lawyers come in many forms; some deal with civil matters such as divorces and inheritance, some deal with criminals or environmental law. But all lawyers need to know their field of law, spend hours consulting, going to court, arguing, and researching. Their hours of the day are some of the costliest in the world. This field demands a law degree, years of experience and legal qualifications. An internship in this field is very common to get a foot in the door. It´s a competitive field, where connections and experience get you further than paper diplomas. As a law intern, you will help the team with certain cases by conducting thorough research. This internship is best suited for cities with thriving business centers and HQ hubs, such as Singapore, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.


    Main buzzwords: Data protection, environmental law

    Main tools: Files, regulation documents, meetings

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