life in Tokyo

Life in Tokyo

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living and working in Tokyo

The capital of Japan, Tokyo, is located in the south of the country and is home to around nine million registered inhabitants, making it the nation’s largest city. It is the center of business, the seat of government and the Emperor of Japan. Tokyo is the place where you can find anything and everything your heart desires.



history of Tokyo Known for its culture, entertainment, shopping and maybe a dash of craziness, Tokyo has a fascinating past which has shaped a large part of its modern reality. Tokyo began as a village, with its first settlement around 3,000 B.C. Known as Edo, or “estuary” it was first fortified in the 12th century, when it became home to Edo Castle (now the site of the Imperial Palace). The Edo period had a significant influence on Japanese society; during that time, the city witnessed unprecedented cultural and economic growth, and by the 1720s the population had boomed to more than 1.1 million, making it one of the largest cities in the world. The city’s name was formally changed to Tokyo, meaning eastern capital, and in 1868 the new emperor, Meiji, moved his residence there.

The Great Kanto Earthquake destroyed more than 45 percent of Tokyo in 1923 and killed a lot of people, making it the deadliest natural disaster in Japanese history and the country’s second most powerful earthquake. World War II-era Japan suffered widespread bombing when the Americans bombed targets in Tokyo and Yokohama. Aerial attacks intensified in late 1944 following the Allied capture of Pacific islands that put them in striking distance of Tokyo.

Tokyo is the home to the oldest monarchy in the world. Dating from approximately 660 B.C., the Imperial House of Japan has seen 125 monarchs placed on what is often known as the Chrysanthemum Throne, making it the longest lasting continuous monarchy in the world. Currently, Tokyo has the largest metropolitan area. Today Tokyo is still growing from the inside and outside. It is considered to be the third most liveable city in the world, it counts the most Michelin stars of all cities, it is the “best overall experience” for foreigners.


Work in Tokyo


Tokyo is believed to be the best place for expats to live and work in Japan, with high standards and good living conditions. The Tokyo employment market is very competitive, but once you are in it you will discover a lot of opportunities for development. Doing an internship in Japan is a great way for you to discover your true personality. Working or doing internship in Japan you have to work in team and make efforts to respect culture and to have a strong work ethics. Tokyo is the financial capital of the world, which is why there are plenty of opportunities to find internships in the field of finance. Moreover, you can do internship in other areas as hospitality, engineering and fashion, etc. Working and living in Tokyo will be the most unforgettable experience in your life.


What to expect


tokyo city centreClimate

Tokyo lies in the humid subtropical climate zone with hot humid summers and generally mild winters with cool spells. Snowfall is sporadic, but does occur almost annually.

  • On average, the warmest month(s) are July and August.
  • Most rainfall (rainy season) is seen in June, September and October.
  • On average, the coolest and driest month is January.
  • June is the wettest month. This month should be avoided if you don't like too much rain.



Tokyo has a very extensive public transportation network. The fact that it is operated by various companies can make it a bit overwhelming at first. The train lines operated by JR East and the subway lines are most convenient for moving around central Tokyo. Tokyo's most prominent train line is the JR Yamanote Line, a loop line which connects Tokyo's multiple city centers having 13 subway lines.  Most of the suburban train lines commence at one of the six major stations of the Yamanote Line (Tokyo, Ueno, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Shinagawa).

Major JR train lines in Central Tokyo

  • Yamanote Line
  • Keihin-Tohoku Line
  • Chuo/Sobu Line (Local)
  • Chuo Line (Rapid)
  • Saikyo Line
  • Shinkansen


Tokyo Metro (subway)

Tokyo's subway network is operated by two companies; the Toei Subways with four lines, and Tokyo Metro (formerly known as Eidan Subways) with nine lines. Together, they densely cover central Tokyo, especially the area inside the Yamanote circle and the areas around Ginza and the area east of the loop line.


Taxis are everywhere in Tokyo, and they're very easy to catch. This can be a convenient way to explore Tokyo but be warned that they are pretty expensive. Tokyo taxi drivers are honest and safe. Moreover, there is no need to tip drivers for a ride. Most taxis cost Y730 for the first 2km. Thereafter, the fare rises Y90 per 280 meters traveled. It’s worth noting that the fare also rises when the taxi is stuck in traffic. As a general rule, it will cost around Y3,500 to cross Tokyo in a taxi.



types of sushi in Japan

Tokyo is a food paradise, home to unique tastes and flavors. The food is well-known for its freshness and quality. It is easy to find local food, but if you want to experience cuisine of different places, Tokyo is also the place to be. Its top restaurants have accrued more Michelin stars than both Paris and New York combined. But good quality food can be found at every price range, from cheap hole-in-the-wall joints to expensive high-class restaurants. While visiting Tokyo you have to try Tokyo specialties:

Edomae-zushi (Edo-style Sushi)

Topping the ranking is Edomae-zushi, which has become synonymous with Japanese food. Although there are many kinds of sushi, it is Edomae-zushi that the rest of the world knows affectionately as "SUSHI". In addition to enjoying the fresh fish and seafood from Tokyo Bay, you can also have fun watching sushi chefs do what they do best at many famous restaurants with an old-school atmosphere.

best ramen restaurants in Tokyo


This is one of the many types of savory Japanese style pancakes. It is made with seasoned flour and a variety of other ingredients, such as cabbage and sprouts mixed into a batter, then cooked on a hot iron plate. Such pancakes are popular with the general public, as deliciously filling meals at reasonably cheap prices.


Basically, it is a noodle soup dish that was originally imported from China and has become one of the most popular dishes in Japan in recent decades. There are different flavors you can try: chicken, pork or beef broth with soy source or miso-ramen with different meat and vegetables on top with unique Japanese seasonings.



Tokyo is full of places to visit: from historical sites to modern buildings and places of interests.  

visit Tokyo imperial palace

Meiji Shrine

Located just minutes’ from Harajuku Station, this serene shrine is home to lush greenery and a tranquil environment where the spirits of Emperor Meiji and his consort, Empress Shoken, are enshrined.

The Imperial Palace

The current Imperial Palace (Kōkyo) – the residence of Japanese Imperial Family- is situated on the former site of Edo Castle, a large park area surrounded by moats and massive stone walls in the center of Tokyo.

The Sensō-ji Temple

In the Asakusa district of Tokyo, the exquisite Sensō-ji Temple - the city's most famous shrine - stands at the end of a long street market hosting vendors selling masks, carvings, combs made of ebony and wood, toys, kimonos, fabrics, and precious paper goods.

what it's like living in TokyoTokyo’s most popular neighborhoods

Don’t forget to walk around the major districts of Tokyo which are full of fascinating places. With dozens of neighborhoods, such as Shibuya, Ebisu, Ginza, Roppongi and Shinjuku, Tokyo offers a little bit of everything.


Life in Tokyo

Tokyo combines historical and cultural beauty. This exciting mix makes it the perfect place for an internship in Asia, particularly in the fields of finance, publishing, pharmaceuticals, engineering and fashion. Choose to intern in Tokyo, and you’ll discover many sides to the city whilst gaining valuable professional skills, making new friends, and enjoying world-renowned cuisine! 

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