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Logistics internship

  • In a high-speed globalized world, cargo needs to move effortlessly. Logisticians plan the movement of people, animals, goods, and services in highly complex networks. From big firms to local milkmen everybody relies on logistics. There are various roles in the industry, such as consultants, drivers, warehouse organizers etc. Supply chain managers are the big players in this field, they oversee long-term logistics plans and projections. They come up with ways to streamline operations to reduce costs and optimize productivity. This field demands a degree in logistics, international business, transportation. It is a high paid job both in the private and public sector. As logistics and transport impact our everyday lives, this career suits people with high-stress tolerance. This internship is suited for major trading hubs and business meccas, like Hong Kong, S


    Main buzzwords: Robots, zero emissions, intelligent collection boxes

    Main tools: SAP, warehouse management software


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