The most competitive internship sectors and how to stand out

The most competitive internship sectors and how to stand out

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The top 5 most competitive internship sectors are engineering, marketing, IT, accounting and teaching. Create a cover letter. While your resume tells employers what you did in the past, cover letters tell them what you aim to achieve in the future. Highlight your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses, and how you improve them, in your interview.




Know how to market yourself when applying for a marketing internship. For a marketing internship, you will usually be covering a wide range of areas within the marketing spectrum which will only work in your benefit, as it allows you to figure out which field you are most interested in and what your strengths and weaknesses are in the marketing realm. 


Be clear on what you want to learn and what you expect to gain from your internship experience. Ask questions during the interview to show your involvement, interest and motivation. Share any skills you might have, such as HTML or Photoshop, as these will only work in your advantage and make you stand out among the other candidates. 




When it comes to engineering, it isn’t as simple as finding any ‘engineering internship’. As an engineering student you have probably already decided to, or are planning to, dedicate yourself to one particular field, such as mechanical engineering or chemical engineering. 

Specify your search to these fields and then prepare yourself accordingly. 


Engineering companies are more specific in tasks and production than a sector such as marketing. Do enough research on the company you are applying to so you don’t sit there oblivious as to what the company creates. Try to get involved in relevant activities, such as programming, on your own prior to your internship application to show your technical skills. Dedication and passion always make a candidate stand out. Dare to ask questions and voice your passions. 




Showcase your skills when applying for an IT or Computer Science internship. Try to learn more outside of your classes by following extra lessons or doing independent projects. Showing your potential employer that you are continuously and actively improving your skills will set you apart from the rest. 


Be confident and inform the employer of the technical skills you possess. Show evidence of your skills such as any app, software or code you might have (co-)created. Finally, demonstrate any soft skills, such as problem-solving, to turn you into an even more appealing candidate. 





When applying for an accounting internship, vocalize your willingness to learn and your motivation to gain experience wherever possible. Employers will expect candidates to have the same set of general skills so make sure to mention any additional skills that may not be on your resume and will allow you to stand out from the crowd.


Use examples of any past experiences you may have had and voice what you did or what you learned during this experience. Know which type of company you are applying to. One of the “Big 4” firms will give interns entirely different tasks than an internal finance department. 




For teaching positions abroad, such as ESL teachers or volunteers, candidates may be required to send in a video introducing themselves and their language skills. Make sure to speak slowly and clearly to show your language proficiency. If applying to local companies or schools, the first language of those viewing your video will most likely be a language other than english as well, so it’s good to show them the tempo and accent you will use while teaching. 


State clearly what your objectives are, who you are as a person and which impact you hope to make personally. Showing your international experience on your future CV will tell employers that you are passionate, dare to take on a challenge and fully dedicated to the task at hand. 

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