life in Shanghai
Jun, 27. 2017

Life in Shanghai

Shanghai is often described as the intersection of East and West, with many multinational companies opening offices in Shanghai. An emerging middle class is starting to become the largest group of mass consumers, with an ever-evolving thirst for development, diversity and sophistication. Shanghai is on the forefront of economic growth, creative prowess and exciting Shanghai is often...

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Jun, 20. 2017

How do you pick the right internship location for you?

If you are planning on doing an internship abroad, there are many things to take into account. The most important aspect to consider is the location. Depending on the sector you are looking to work in,

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engineering internship india
Jun, 13. 2017

Engineering internships in China vs. in India

China’s drive towards internationalization and being top leaders in the world economy can be explained by a strong workforce and by taking the construction industry to another level. Thanks to booming global investment, innovation now plays an important role in China’s growth

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Jun, 06. 2017

Green technology in Asia

The term “green technology” is defined as the continuous development of methods and techniques to generate clean energy and non-toxic cleaning products. This field includes sustainability, source reduction (reducing waste and pollution), innovation (alternatives to technology) and viability (creating more products that benefit the environment and build economic attraction around it)....

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internship Engineering
May, 30. 2017

How to pick the perfect internship location for Engineering

Opportunities    With a continuously growing engineering market in Asia, many foreign companies have begun expanding within the continent. Due to the high level of production in Asia (especially in China), companies are always looking for engineers to increase the productivity of their assembly line methods.    For example, India and Vietnam are considered to be

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