ancient japanese samurai
Jul, 10. 2019

Japan and their Shoguns

For a period of rougly seven centuries, Japan was ruled by a single military dictator at a time, known as a Shogun. Several families had prominent influence over the reigning Shogun for hundreds of years. Read about the most important periods of Japan's Shogun era!

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chinese national team olympics
Jun, 19. 2019

Sports in China

Sports! Whether you're playing or watching, sports bring people in a culture together to enjoy the company of others and engage in a pastime activity. Every country has different preferences in their athletic competitions, and China is no different. 

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Thai Language
Jun, 12. 2019

The Thai Language

When speaking about Asian languages, many people know a thing or two about Chinese, Japanese, and since K-Pop became popular even Korean. But Thai remains a very mysterious language. That is, despite the fact, that the Thai language has a long and very interesting history!

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asia diving destinations
May, 30. 2019

Top Diving Destinations in Asia

Southeast Asia's tropical climate creates a perfect habitat for scuba diving. Divers – beginners and experienced – from all around the world travel to the warm, clear waters of countries like Thailand and Indonesia to find their ideal diving experience. Read about a few of the spots that we'd recommend adding to your bucket list!

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country flags
May, 21. 2019

Flags of Asia

Have you ever wondered the meaning of the trigrams on South Korea's flag? Or why Hong Kong's flag features a flower on it? Every flag in the world tells a unique story about the country they represent. Read more about some of Asia's fascinating flag stories! 

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