Nov, 16. 2017

Study and Intern in Japan

Being in a Japanese natural environment with full immersion will help you learn Japanese much faster than in an English atmosphere. Our newest partner, Study and Intern Japan, offers you the possibility of combining studying Japanese with interning in Japan, whilst learning all about the Japanese culture and having an unforgettable experience in the paradisiac island of Okinawa

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Chinese business women
Oct, 01. 2017

China's most influential women - learn from the best

China has rapidly become the second-largest economy in the world with a GDP of over $ 11,4 trillion and continues to be one of the fastest-growing large economies, with a GDP growth rate of 6,5 %. The country also has the world’s largest population and is the biggest exporter. Now seems to be the time to move your business or yourself to China’s business market or even invest in Chinese...

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life in Jakarta
Sep, 25. 2017

Life in Jakarta

Jakarta – considered to be the “Big Apple” of Southeast Asia – is one of the world’s greatest megalopolises with over 10 million inhabitants. This bustling city is the political, economic and cultural centre of Indonesia. Jakarta is a conglomeration of villages known as “kampung”, crossed by main roads and super highways. Indonesia has a long and turbulent colonial history with...

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Internship in Tokyo
Sep, 18. 2017

Intern in one of the safest cities in the world – Asian countries top the list

Feeling safe in a certain city is an important factor that gets considered when deciding whether one should move there or not. Not knowing what to expect when doing an internship in a foreign country where the language barrier is a challenge is already scary enough. Thus, for a lot of people, safety plays an important role in this decision making. The odds of someone moving to another...

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types of internship supervisor
Sep, 11. 2017

The five types of internship supervisor

You’ve probably heard several internship horror stories—from interns having to fetch endless coffee orders to impossibly demanding bosses. In reality, most internships are a lot tamer than this. However, one thing that is synonymous with the internship experience is having a supervisor. Often they will be the ones who have most influence over final decision on whether or not you will be...

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