Bromo, mount bromo, travel surabaya, surabaya, travel, internship surabaya, internship indonesia
Jan, 15. 2020

The 5 most enchanting places in Surabaya

Surabaya is one of the understated beauties in Indonesia.

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Pretty poison, skate bali, skate spot, skateboard indonesia
Jan, 08. 2020

Unique bars in Asia(Part 3)

This is the last installment of the most unique bars in Asia series. In this final addition we will explore some bars or clubs we have happened to look over in the past. However, don’t let this make you think that these places are any less crazy or fun.

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Eating fruit, fruit benefits, fruit health, buy fruit, wholesale fruit, apple, strawberry, melon, asian fruit
Jan, 01. 2020

Fruits you Should Try in Asia

Foodies traveling to Asia are in luck! With each country having their own distinct cuisine you’ll never get bored by all the different flavors there are to explore.

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sate, satay
Dec, 25. 2019

Sate: Indonesia's most famous dish

In honor of our newest internship locations we dedicate this week’s article, and many more in the future, to Surabaya and Bali

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best bars and clubs in China Asia
Dec, 18. 2019

Unique bars in Asia(Part 2)

This article continues where we left off two weeks ago. We will explore some of the best bars that can spice up your internship in Asia.

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