Asian drinks
Aug, 28. 2019

Have You Ever Heard of These Asian Drinks?

Asia is famous for its originality when it comes to cuisine. Their drinks are no exception. Some might say that the Asian delicacies are much more unique and flavorful than most western dishes, others will say that Asian cuisine is borderline abominable.

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Aug, 21. 2019

4 suprising facts about Thailand


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Korean Food
Aug, 07. 2019

5 Korean Dishes You Need to Try

Often overshadowed by neighboring China and Japan, Korean is one of Asia’s lesser known cuisines. Despite beginning to grow in popularity and more and more Korean restaurants popping up in cities around the world, its dishes remain some of Asia’s least recognized.

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Qingdao night
Jul, 31. 2019

Introducing Qingdao, China’s Coastal Paradise

Located in China’s north eastern Shandong Province, Qingdao is a coastal city known for its beautiful scenery and booming industry.

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ancient japanese samurai
Jul, 10. 2019

Japan and their Shoguns

For a period of rougly seven centuries, Japan was ruled by a single military dictator at a time, known as a Shogun. Several families had prominent influence over the reigning Shogun for hundreds of years. Read about the most important periods of Japan's Shogun era!

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