types of internship supervisor
Sep, 11. 2017

The five types of internship supervisor

You’ve probably heard several internship horror stories—from interns having to fetch endless coffee orders to impossibly demanding bosses. In reality, most internships are a lot tamer than this. However, one thing that is synonymous with the internship experience is having a supervisor. Often they will be the ones who have most influence over final decision on whether or not you will be...

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How to find the best internship for you
Sep, 01. 2017

How to find the best internship for you

The experience you will gain at an internship is crucial in starting your career and boosting your resume. During an internship, you will develop both professionally and personally, and hopefully discover what motivates you and the industry into which you want to progress. However, with more and more companies and organizations offering internships that can seem very similar at first...

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Aug, 22. 2017

How to get Hired after your Internship

An internship is a golden opportunity to gain experience, advance your career, network and- if you enjoy it- secure a job. At Intern Asia we've put together some advice on how to increase your chances of getting hired at the end of your internship.

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Aug, 15. 2017

Common Mistakes Interns Make (and how to avoid them)

We all make mistakes- the crucial thing is that you learn from them. As an internship is likely to be your first exposure to the world of work, or your first time in a professional environment, it's easy to slip up. Here at Intern Asia we've put together a list of common mistakes interns make, and how you can avoid them! 

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why not intern in Asia
Aug, 08. 2017

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Intern in Asia

If you’ve ever even thought about interning in Asia, let us be the first to tell you that it’s not going to end well. There are so many reasons why doing an internship in Asia is a horrible idea. Since we care about your well-being, here are our top 5 reasons on why you shouldn’t intern in Asia.

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