Interning in Jakarta
Jan, 16. 2019

8 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Jakarta

Indonesia’s sprawling capital is a city of extremes. It has a real love it or hate it reputation among those who visit, but whether you like it or not, one thing’s for sure; you certainly won’t forget it.

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Internship in Asia
Jan, 09. 2019

Powerful tips for your first day as an intern

Ah, the anticipation of the first day at your internship.

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Singaporean life
Jan, 02. 2019

Life in Singapore

Singapore, or as it is officially called, the Republic of Singapore is a sovereign city-state and island country in Southeast Asia.

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Time differences Asia and Europe
Dec, 19. 2018

Are internships a waste of time?

To make an internship worth your while, you really need to plan ahead. You should ask yourself why you need an internship in the first place. Then you need to determine what type of internship is right for you. And finally, do your research carefully.

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