unpaid internship
May, 10. 2019

Why Do an Unpaid Internship?

Nobody likes to work for free – so why would you ever want to do an unpaid internship? Especially when you’ve just graduated, it seems like a waste of time (and money!) to work without salary.

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asia martial art korea
May, 01. 2019

Martial Arts in East Asia

East Asia is a hotbed for martial arts. Many of us are familiar with famous movies themed with martial arts such as Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, and have heard the names Jet Li and Jackie Chan before. However, martial arts extend beyond what we see in Hollywood.

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internship network meeting
Apr, 24. 2019

How to Succeed at a Networking Event

Networking is a critical skill to have in the business world, especially in Asian countries. If you think you have room for improvement, check out a few of our tips on how to succeed at large networking events.

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Vietnam street vendor
Apr, 17. 2019

Ho Chi Minh City vs. Hanoi

Vietnam is a country with a unique culture and a storied past. It's two largest cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, differ from each other in many ways. 

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China smartphone metro
Apr, 10. 2019

How the Internet Works in China

Most internet users around the world are aware of the "Great Chinese Firewall". While the Internet is a global phenomenom, connecting everybody in the world, cultural differences and differing tastes alter the way Chinese people use the internet. 

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