Aug, 15. 2018

The Safest Countries to intern in Asia

When deciding a place to intern it’s always good to make a list of goals you would like to get from interning for that company. Ask yourself questions about the internships environment like for example: what will the weather be like? Is this country safe? While keeping in mind that you may not find your definition of perfection in any country in Asia you may get close. It’s about having...

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Aug, 08. 2018

What to expect when working in China

If you are coming to China for work it is important that you prepare yourself and understand the differences in the business culture. Chinese culture is completely different to Western culture, and understanding the business climate can help you form better working relationships. Some Chinese practices have now started to evolve and to align with Western business practices but not all...

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Aug, 01. 2018

Tour Of Vietnam

Vietnam,an increasingly popular attraction. Discover the history and beauty it has to offer. Learn why an internship in Vietnam is worth experiencing and what to expect during your journey. Be prepared and informed before you set off on this adventurous journey.

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the best travel apps
Jul, 25. 2018

18 Apps You Need For Your Next Trip Abroad

Gone are the days of fold-up maps, insurmountable language barriers and keeping a paper trail of your expenses. Nowadays there’s an app for almost anything imaginable and making sure you’ve downloaded the right ones is just as important as packing your case. To help you choose which ones you need, we've put together a list of our favourites apps and online tools for your trip abroad.

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Work in Vietnam
Jul, 18. 2018

What to expect when working in Vietnam

When it comes to working in Vietnam as a foreigner, you might wonder how to prepare yourself for such a vastly different country. If it’s your very first time setting foot in a country like Vietnam, you’ll probably have a hard time finding structure in the midst of all the hustle and bustle. However, once you’ve figured out the traffic and managed to settle down a bit, you’re in for an...

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