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10 Questions to Ask in an Internship Interview

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what to ask in an internship interview

When preparing for a job or internship interview, it’s easy to get carried away thinking of questions the interviewer might ask you. While it’s important you dedicate time to preparing good answers, you shouldn’t forget to think of some of your own to ask the interviewer. Doing so will enable you to demonstrate your intelligence, interest in the role and ambition, and find out more about the company, and its previous interns.

Before you start listing questions about the salary, benefits and holiday allowance, remember that you’re still being interviewed. Even though you’re asking the questions, the interviewer is still assessing you, and a ‘bad’ set of questions could be the difference between you getting the job or not. Stuck for questions to ask? We’re here to help! Here are our top questions to ask your interviewer in your internship interview.


questions to ask in an internship interview1. Can you please tell me more about the responsibilities of the role?’

It’s likely this question will have been answered throughout the course of the interview, but if not, or if you want to know more, it’s an easy way to find out. By asking more about the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, you’ll gain an insight into what a typical day is like, the skills you’ll need or develop and if there is anything that does or doesn’t appeal to you. This will help you make an informed decision about the position before it’s too late.

This question may also lead to further discussion about certain aspects of the role if there’s anything you want clarification on.


2. ‘What are the most important qualities for this position?’

Any good job description will outline the skills and qualities necessary for the role, but this is a great opportunity to delve a little deeper and hear from your interviewer what they deem most important. Through asking this, you can assess your suitability to the role and decide if there are any skills you should improve if you are to work there. If your interviewer starts listing qualities that weren’t mentioned previously, this is your chance to ask more and to work out if the role is for you.


questions to ask in a job interview3. ‘What are your expectations of someone in this role?’

A good follow on from ‘what qualities are needed to succeed in the role?’, this question allows you to better understand what your employer will expect of you, and if their expectations align with your personal goals. To prepare for this, write a list of the things you hope to get out of the experience and see how your interviewer’s answers line up with them. By asking this, you’ll gain a better idea of which skills you’ll need and develop in the role.


4. ‘What kind of positions do people move on to following this?’

An internship is an important stepping stone to your future career, so it’s important you understand how experience in this position will help you towards it. By finding out what previous interns have gone on to do, you might even discover areas of work that you hadn’t previously considered.

If you’re applying for an internship specifically for the role or company you’re interviewing with, it’s worth using this opportunity to ask if the company is open to hiring interns who perform well. This is a good way to manage your expectations and better understand how the company uses interns.


preparing for a job interview5. What resources should interns take advantage of during their internship here?

Just like the interview, an internship is a two-way street. While you’re there to demonstrate what you can offer the company, it’s important you find out what the company can offer you. Internships are fantastic experiences in that they give you the chance to gain real, professional experience alongside or between your studies.

But what else can you gain? Access to a large network, learning resources and knowledgeable mentors are just some of the things many interns benefit from. Asking what the company offers interns is a great way to see how they value you, and what you’ll gain in addition to experience. 


6. What have former interns done to stand out in the position?

This is a good way to expand on your employer’s expectations and give you an idea of the shoes you need to fill. Make sure to take a note of the answer and be prepared to step up to the mark if you get offered the position. Aim to become someone they use as a future answer to this question, rather than an example of what not to do!


7. What are the biggest challenges of this position?

While asking about responsibilities and expectations will help you gage what the role’s about, nothing will help you understand the challenges better than asking about them directly. The response to this question will give you an idea of what you need to work on or be prepared for before you even step foot in the office. It will also help you decide if these challenges are things you’re willing to take on and overcome.


how to prepare for a job interview

8. Do you have any additional questions or concerns regarding my qualifications?

It’s never nice to hear someone picking holes in the application you worked so hard on, but it’s always good to get feedback from someone who knows what they’re talking about. The chances are the interviewer won’t voice their concerns about your application without being asked, so asking this question gives you a chance to address them and strengthen your profile.

Even if you don’t end up getting the job, you’ve received valuable feedback from the interview that you can work on for next time. 


9. What are the next steps of the interview process?

Show your eagerness to succeed and progress to the next role by asking this question. Not only does this tell you how many steps you’ll need to pass to find out, it can also give you an idea of how long it will be until you hear the result and how many other people are being considered. If you’re the kind of person who gets stressed out waiting to hear, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for how long it will be by asking!


You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of asking well-prepared questions at the end of an interview. Though it might be tempting to say you have no questions and get out of there quickly, sticking around and asking good questions will help you stand out. Next time you’re preparing for an interview, make sure to spend time preparing questions as well as answers!

Need more advice on preparing for your internship interview? Contact us at Intern Asia for advice to help you succeed!

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