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The 5 most enchanting places in Surabaya

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Surabaya is one of the understated beauties in Indonesia. With its rich history, culture and untouched nature, Surabaya is a must visit place off the beaten track. Indonesia has over seventeen thousand islands which form the home of over 260 million Indonesians, making it the 4th most populous country. Java is the most populous Indonesian island, and it’s also the most populous island in the world. The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta, is in Java, and on the east coast is Surabaya. Although Surabaya might be a bit overshadowed by Jakarta and Bali in terms of popularity, the city still has much to see and do, as we will show in this article. And maybe because Surabaya is less mainstream, it's the perfect place for an adventurous internship with many unique opportunities.


Bromo (mount Bromo)

Mount Bromo, Gunung Bromo in Indonesian and Bromo for short, is an active volcano part of the Tengger massif. Bromo stands 2,329 meters tall, making it the highest peak of the massif. It is also one of the most visited tourist attractions of East Java and for good reasons. This place is perhaps the most enchanting place on this list. Standing at the edge of an active volcano is a humbling experience, perhaps comparable to meeting a god, which is fitting considering the name Bromo comes from the Javanese pronunciation of the Hindu creator god, Brahma.

There are many tours that will lead you up the volcano, in any way you’d like. There are some for both lazy tourists and for the more active visitors. The time that you visit is also important; we have two recommendations on that. Firstly, if you’re an early riser, visit in the morning to catch the beautiful sunrise. Nothing compares to seeing the sun rise above the endless landscape from the top of Bromo. If you don’t like the thought of an early morning, visit late at night when it’s completely dark. Due to the lack of light pollution you’ll have a perfect view of the milky way – you’re sure to feel chills down your spine while you’re able to see all the stars from the top of the volcano.

There are also whole day all-inclusive trips which will include breakfast, lunch and dinner, though these will be quite expensive. However, your tour guide will be very knowledgeable, fluent in English and a truly amazing host. Most tours will start with a personal car that’ll pick you up from your hotel or airport and then continue up the foot of the mountain. Then the hike to the top begins. If you’re a real adventurer, you can hike up the mountain without any guide. With or without a tour guide, Bromo is a must visit place, that you should absolutely put on your bucket list during your internship in Surabaya.


House of Sampoerna Museum

This place is as rich in history as it is in cigarettes, and there are a lot of cigarettes! This former Dutch orphanage dates back to the early 20th century, and it was later renovated and made into a cigarette factory. Now, the main historic building is a heritage site and museum about the history of Kretek. The famous Indonesian cigarette got its name from the crackling sound burning clove makes (Kretek!). If you are staying in Surabaya, make sure to visit and learn a lot about the rich history of Kretek and all the company’s quirky features such as its marching band uniforms and amazing collection of lighters from across the world.

After you’ve visited the house of Sampoerna and know everything about the history of Kretek, it’s time to see the cigarette making process. Behind the historical building there are 400 workers hand rolling the world-famous handmade clove cigarette with lighting fast fingers. Upstairs you’ll have bird’s-eye view of all the workers churning out cigarette after cigarette - it’s an impressive view.

At House of Sampoerna there are fluent tour guides that will take you through the museum and factory at exactly the pace you want. You can have a quick view or really learn everything there is to know. If you really want to see the factory and the clove cigarette making process keep in mind that it closes at 3pm every day.


Kenjeran Park

Don’t expect this theme park to be like Disneyland, well… perhaps more like an abandoned Disneyland. But don’t let this discourage you, it’s still an amazing place to visit. Due to its abandonment nature has take over and what’s left of the park are some beautiful colourful buildings. Basically, throughout the years this park naturally transformed from a theme park with attractions to a very unique ecological park. Bring your camera to capture all the beautiful sights that this place has, like the gate with two dragons, the big tower, the four faced Buddha statue and of course the views of the sea.

Inside this park there is also a temple where people come to pray. Whether you’re religious or not, feel free to have a look and snap some pictures but remember to be quiet and respectful. Finally, if you search this place online you might stumble across some negative reviews. This is because people came in expecting a fully-fledged theme park. Again, Kenjeran Park is not Disneyland. It’s a beautiful tranquil place where nature and beautiful traditional buildings and statues intertwine, and it’s definitely worth a visit for a picnic or photography session.


Surabaya North Quay

For a beautiful view of the Tanjoeng Perak, Surabaya North Quay is the perfect place to visit. This place offers beautiful scenic views of the sea, port and all the passing luxury cruises. Early morning visitors have the chance to see the sun rise from under the Java sea, which is something you really need to experience yourself. For photography buffs this is a good place for sunrise or sunset photography and for time-lapses of all the passing cruises.

You’ll never get bored of the views, but if you wish to take a break from the amazing views there is plenty to do at Surabaya North Quay. There are live music performances, art installations, local community products and a food market.


Surabaya Bamboo Forest

This might be one of the most tranquil places in the world. When you sit down and close your eyes, you’re instantly relaxed and as all your stress leaves your body. Focus on the gentle rustling of leaves and the musical sound of bamboo stems hitting against each other and let yourself disappear for just a moment. When you’re finally back on earth, maybe it’s time to have a hike through the forest. You’ll come across many great photography spots. Take some photos to look back and be transported back to that tranquil atmosphere. Two of our favourites are the house made from live bamboo and the flowers on the hill.

Visiting this place is inexpensive, as there is no entry fee to the park. Bring your picnic blanket and some snacks to get the most out of your day here - there is nothing better than enjoying nature while having a picnic with friends.


In conclusion Surabaya has many things to see and do. Experiencing the rich culture and history that has formed the city and made its citizens proud to be Surabayans, exploring the many beautiful buildings and religious structures, and of course the untouched nature. Surabaya is a prime example of why traveling off the beaten track can truly be an amazing experience. If this article has sparked your lust for exploration and adventure, check out the Bright Internships page for their internship positions available in Surabaya. Also check out our page for more internship opportunities!


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