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Are internships a waste of time?

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Well, as with most things in life, it depends. To make an internship worth your while, you really need to plan ahead. You should ask yourself why you need an internship in the first place. Then you need to determine what type of internship is right for you. And finally, do your research carefully.

Why do I need an internship?

Internships are for your career, what fitting rooms are for clothing stores. You want to make sure something fits before buying it. And before you commit yourself to a career, it helps to know that you can pull it off. During an internship, you get to observe people in their work environments, experience the stress levels and work routines. If you know you fit into the environment, you are more prepared to commit. Hence, a well-suited internship experience gives you more self-confidence for actual work interviews. But there are other reasons too, such as gaining practical skills, getting to know people in your desired industry, learning new languages, and experiencing other cultures.

Working in ChinaWhat type of internship is right for me?

There are all kinds of internships out there, you just have to find the right one for you. It helps to write down what you are looking for in an internship position, and what you can offer in exchange. The perfect match happens if you don´t settle, but truly know what experience you are looking for, and stay persistent on finding it.

Gaining practical skills or getting to know people in the industry

These are two very different expectations and don´t necessarily happen during the same internship. Some prestigious organizations offer internships to help beginners build a network. But sometimes the most practical skills you will learn, are how to clean the coffee filter and reboot a copy machine. But that´s ok too if you have made useful contacts along the way. If you want practical skills, you can always look at smaller organizations, who are in dire need of extra hands. With an all-hands-on-deck-approach, you will come away with plenty of real-life experience. So align your priorities.


Learning a new language and experiencing other cultures

If you are interested in another culture and want to top-up your textbook knowledge, then internships are one of the best ways to experience other cultures. It can be overwhelming to try to find internships on your own on another continent. Luckily there are organizations like Hutong school, that offer awesome packages that include an internship in China, accommodation and cultural activities. Experiencing Asia has never been easier.

Internship in AsiaHow do I find internships? 

- Attend local networking events and ask people if you can intern for them

- Follow your desired companies on Linkedin and see if they post internship offers

- Follow InternAsia for some of the most exciting internships offers in Asia.

So, internships are not a waste of time if, 

- They can offer you personal growth, like learning new languages, traveling and meeting people from different cultures.

- They can boost your career and teach you new skills for future employment.

- They give you the best summer of your life.



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