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Continent comparison Europa vs Asia

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European culture

When thinking of the differences between these regions you can come up with numerous things, but there are more differences and comparisons that don´t immediately come to your mind. People often think that Europe is more developed than Asia is, but that is not always the case. Asian countries have different development levels , but that doesn’t mean Asia is a ‘poor’ continent.


Working in Asia

Europeans tend to be more straightforward when presenting their opinions. They want to be sure that their statements are clear and properly delivered, but they don’t want to be rude or impolite to other people. Asians normally like to discuss topics for a longer time than Europeans do. They can talk about something for hours and still not come up with conclusions. Usually they become passive-aggressive, and they try to avoid any inconveniences during meetings. Europeans are more individualistic; they like to motivate themselves, instead of being motivated by other people. Asians are more focused on group dynamics; they share success and failure among each other, and let everyone know they belong to a community.

Europeans build connections, so they can use them to be successful. In Asia making connections doesn´t matter as much as using existing connections for career advancement. Time is money for Europeans, so they want to show up on time for meetings and appointments because they know that everyone’s time is very valuable. Asians are more focused on the culture and intimacy, so time is not considered to be on top of the priority list.

We can say that there are some differences between the two continents. But as everything is modernizing, the differences are getting smaller and smaller. So, don’t be fooled when coming to Asia, because they know more about Europeans then you think.

Internship abroad


Border(s) and exploring other continents are an important part of the continents´ shared history. Their common history dates back to the middle ages. There were two main ways that the Europeans started to discover Asia, one was by land and the other was by sea. The first handle routes were there in the year 500 when the Europeans started trading with the Islamic countries and even as far as the Tang dynasty in China. In the time period between 500 and 1300 there were multiple travellers/monks who ‘smuggled’ the trade goods over the border to different countries inside of Europe. And in the 13th century the Mongolian Empire started to form and the trading between the continents began, it was called Silk Road. Asia played an important role in the history between these two continents, as they were the continent that had a lot of export products that Europeans really liked and that is why they wanted to trade with Asia. In current time (2018), there is still a lot of trading between the two continents and there are more and more people coming to Asia to follow their dream career. The reason for this is that the continent is getting more and more modern so the people, who come here don’t have to adapt to really big changes as they used to do.



Living in Asia

When traveling to Asia from a European country you will definitely see many differences when travelling there, especially when you go to smaller cities where there aren´t many foreigners.

Greetings are very different in Asia compared to Europe. In Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam a greeting is usually carried out in the form of a bow when they meet new people. And in Southeast Asia, it is more common to smile and nod with a verbal greeting. And in Europe it is common to give a handshake and it is accepted everywhere.  When you are not sure what to do, a verbal greeting is always accepted by both parties.                                                                                                        

 Food in Asia is also completely different than it is in Europe. The Asian cuisine has many different delights that can be discovered in different parts of the continent. In Asia it is more common to go out with different people and order a variety of dishes and make it a social gathering rather than in Europe where usually everyone has their own dish. The food in Europe tends to be eaten with knife and fork or spoon, or even by hand depending on what the food is. But in most Asian countries  they use chopsticks and even sometimes a fork.     

European habitsChristmas is always celebrated extravagantly across Europe, and most people are always looking forward to that time of the year, but in Asia it is a little different. Because most people in Asia are Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu, they don’t normally celebrate Christmas. Although you will probably find some Christmas festivities, they will most likely to be different then they are in your home country.

There still are a lot of differences between the two continents but that doesn’t change the fact that they don’t have things in common as well. Both continents are getting more and more modern every day and are growing towards each other. You can see this by all the Europeans that are coming to Asia, and all the people that want to discover this amazing continent. So don’t be afraid of the different things you will see, but try to adapt to it and enjoy your time in this beautiful continent!

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