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The coolest Chinese football kits you've never seen!

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China’s football league might not be that well known in Europe or America, but with over 300 million football fans and stadium attendance in the millions too, the Chinese Super League in no way does under for its more well known counterparts. Furthermore, with president Xi Jinping’s big plans to become a dominant country in the football it’s the perfect time to know more about all the clubs. In this article we will take a look at all the clubs and especially their kits. In future articles we might highlight some other aspect about the Chinese Super League and Xi Jinping’s plan for China to win the world cup in the future. 

The first division in China is called the Chinese Super League. It features 16 teams with relegation to the second division for the bottom 2 teams if the season. The second division features another 16 teams and also has relegations to the third league as well as promotions to the first league. Because China is both big in land mass and in different cultures all the regions have their own history and culture. The interesting thing is that all these cultural differences can also be seen in the club's symbolisms as reflected by the football kits. 

Here is a list of some of the most interesting kits. I’ve chosen these based on their importance for the Chinese football league and to give a good idea what designs are popular for Chinese football. 



Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao (广州恒大淘宝)

Let’s start with arguably biggest club in China, GZ Evergrande of Guangzhou. The South China Tigers (华南虎) have a kit deal with Nike since the 2013 and the current 2019/2020 season shirt is also manufactured by Nike. The shirt features the club logo with the red flaming tiger as well as two stars resembling the clubs wins. In my opinion the shirt has a very powerfull look because of the bright red colour and the subtle tiger pattern which goes nicely with the tiger logo. 

Beijing Sinobo Guoan (北京中赫国安)

Beijing has a very unique kit that reflects the clubs very unique colours, green and yellow. Many clubs whether its in Europe, America or Asian often go with the usual red colour or blue. Especially red is a very popular choice in China because its the national color. The colors are not the only thing what makes this Nike sponsored 2019/2020 kit special. The pattern is very interesting and seems to resemble a knitting pattern. In the middle the green colour transitions to a light yellow with a nice gradient. 



Jiangsu Suning (江苏苏宁足球俱乐部苏宁易购队)

The third Nike sponsor so far and another totally different design. Jiangsu Suning has one of the most beautiful logos in the Chinese Super League, in my opinion, with its abstract lion badge. The colours of this club are blue and yellow, the same colours that also make up its kit. The kit, as shown below, takes inspiration from the Italian club Inter Milan with blue and black horizontal lines. Taking inspiration from European clubs is a trend we will see more in upcoming shirts. This kit is not a direct copy however, the subtle yellow details on the bottom of the zigzag pattern and sleeves gives it a nice look and goes well with the badge on the chest. One of my personal favorites. 


Qingdao Huanghai (青岛黄海)

Another kit that very much resembles a famous kit, readers may guess which one. The resembles of the kit is no coincidence since the club manager is a big fan, former player and a former manager of the B team of the Spanish club. He even stated that he wanted the team to play like them and he even hired Yaya Toure a star from the club. Qingdao’s kit is the first of the kits in this list not sponsored by Nike. Kelme is the sponsor and they sponsor some other clubs in China and Europe as well. Qingdao has just recently promoted to the top flight which may also be the reason why Nike or Adidas hasn’t given this club a kit sponsor deal yet. Personally I don't like this kit that much. However, I do really like the logo which shows the importance of the yellow sea to the coastal city Qingdao. 



Shanghai SIPG (上海上港)

The other contender to be the biggest club in China is Shanghai SIPG. Their club colors are also red with yellow. However what makes this teams kit unique is the logo featuring an aggressive looking eagle, which stands out from the typical tiger in other logos. Apart from the logo the shirt is a little unimaginative with a dark shade of red and a simple pattern. The impressive eagle logo deserves a more aggressively styled kit in my opinion. 


Tigers, the seas, the color red, big name sponsors and inspiration from European clubs set the tone for the Chinese Super League's unique kits. In this article I highlighted some of the more interesting kits and some of my personal favorites. Obviously there are a lot more kits since there are 16 teams in the top flight and many more in the lower tiers. I hope that this gives a small peek into the world of the Chinese Super League.

If you want to see the kits in action you’ll have to wait until the Corona virus has been eradicated and the Chinese football league can continue as normal. If you'd like to see Shanghai SIPG, Qingdao Huanghai or Beijing Sinobo Guoan in action have a look at our internship offers in these cities. 

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