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A dream internship in Japan!

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dream internship in Japan

internship in JapanIt's here, we promise. But finding your dream job isn't easy - and getting hired in this "land of connections" often seems next to impossible. So instead of bruising your toes trying to get your foot in the door, why not let Zentern open it for you? 

Zentern is the only internship company in Japan that guarantees you a placement in your ideal field, provides elite career mentorship and includes a rich cultural immersion program. A Zentern internship in Japan will leave you more passionate about this vibrant country than ever before. Have your pick between the awe-inspiring mega cities Tokyo and Osaka and get ready to be wowed!


The program

Are you making your big post-collegiate move from abroad? Or are you already in Japan but spinning your wheels instead of using your real skill set? Either way, Zentern ensures your first step into the Japanese business world is the right one. 

What does it take? An internship with Zentern takes commitment - but pays off big time. 


Here's what you'll need:

  • 4-24 weeks (start anytime that suits you)
  • Imagination ("the preview to life's coming attractions" - Einstein
  • Guts (internships don't pay cash, but they pay off big time in the end
  • Investment (Zentern offers excellent rates and superb quality)


How do I make the leap?

A Zentern internship in Japan all starts by making contact. Either through the contact form or directly with Zentern on the website. Yeah, it's time to light things up, so pack your bags and kiss the folks goodbye for a while. Steep yourself in the culture you've nly read and gawned at videos about. Return home changed firever, speaking a new language - not just of words (okay, we gotta go really deep here for a sec) - but of the soul

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