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Working in China

Working in the tech industry in China

Presumably, we are living in the "Asian century" and the future is created here.  And in the People´s Republic of Tech, change is happening fast. The first thing you notice in a city like Shanghai is that smartphones are an extension of the human body. People walk around the crowded streets, eyes gazing down at their screens. Street vendors sell dumplings made of thousand-year-old recipes while scanning QR codes with their latest iPhones. If you are a serious techie, this, of course, does not come as a surprise to you. If you have an urge to co-create the future and want to join the startup revolution in China, then you are not alone.

In 2017, one-third of the world´s billion-dollar companies were created in China and entrepreneurship culture is hugely popular among the younger generation. Jack Ma, the billionaire founder of tech giant Alibaba, is the new role model young people look up to.  When Confucious taught the Chinese a lot about reciprocity and virtue, then Ma´s rags-to-riches-story taught everyone the value of tenacity and technological innovation.

So now is truly the best time to intern for a startup in China or indeed start your own business. Here are a few tips to consider.  

Find out the promising sectors in China for start-ups

There is no point of building the next WeChat when messaging market is clearly oversaturated. For example, artificial intelligence and healthcare are some of the most promising areas according to Chinese entrepreneurs. But so are fashion design and education. So if you really want to be where the trendy winds are blowing then join a fashion company or get some different medical work experience.

Innovations in AsiaFill the gaps

It´s always good to know what is missing when you are looking for your way in. Chinese entrepreneurs say that they are really lacking the talent to build up their business. Good talent, of course, is needed everywhere in the world. For example, sales and IT skills could land you some great internships all around Asia.

Create meaningful disruption

There is nothing like working on an innovative solution that could make the world a better place. There are many areas in China that are searching for new sustainable solutions. Food tech is one of them, as there needs to be a more efficient and nutritious way of feeding the vast population in China. Another area booming with impact and investment is energy. Alternative sources of energy are utilized through green technology, and it’s a fascinating industry to be part of right now. And there are plenty of green technology internships in China and all around Asia!


And the main ingredient is...speaking mandarinLearning Mandarin in China

Of course, China is all about connections. Your natural way into the startup scene is through networking events and available internship offers. But, it´s never too late to start learning Chinese. Startups are hungry for people who can speak Mandarin to accommodate a large market need. The first business China´s richest man Jack Ma set up, was a translation agency. The first invention Japan´s richest man Masayoshi Son sold, was an electronic translator. These guys must have been on to something. Languages open doors and possibilities. 


So, good luck in sailing the winds of change with other tech trendsetters in Asia. Just make sure you prepare yourself for the cultural differences.


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